Friday, May 14, 2010

Some Revlon Spring/Summer 2010 scented nail polish swatches: Gum Drop, Cotton Candy and Peach Smoothie

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When I saw these at my local Walgreens on one of my bi-weekly pre-therapy retail therapy trips, I pretty much took the entire display and spilled it into my cart. Then I looked at the price tag and took some of the colors I knew I wasn't going to be a fan of and put them back (neatly) in the display. ...I wish I had left all of these in the display though.

Revlon Cotton Candy
Pretty, delicate, sheer... kinda streaky. This is three coats and it needs a fourth. Soft pink with gold shimmer that kind of disappears on the nail. Not great application: too watery and hard to control at times. Smelled like a generic sweet candy smell.

Revlon Gum Drop
So I don't know what a gumdrop smells like. Does it smell like grape candy? Because this smelled like grape candy. I really loved this soft lilac creme but it was also on the sheer side (above is three coats and though VNL is not visible in this photo, I could see IRL). Also, I kind of have ten lilac cremes at this point so... why do I need another one? Even if it does smell like candy?

Revlon Peach Smoothie

This one I really loved but the application gave me a hard time. Again, sheer and watery... and it got bubbly! GRR!! This is a peach with gold/silver opalescent shimmer. Really very lovely but too much of a pain to apply. Four coats. Definitely smelled peachy! :)

I also tried Beach, a sheer lime green shimmer (kind of pearly) but it looked terrible on my stained nails that I didn't let it sit long enough to dry and for the scent to come out. Ocean Breeze didn't last very long either: it's also kind of pearly, very thin teal shimmer. I liked the scent, though it was weird: watermelon taffy and "ozone" (you know, the scent that companies use when they want to evoke sky and wind and the color blue).

If you don't have any access to Orly, OPI and China Glaze (all of whom have beautiful pastel cremes and shimmers) and like your nails to smell pretty, sure, these might be worth it for $4.50 (though try to get them on sale). Otherwise... there are much better non-scented polishes out there in similar colors.

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Lucy said...

Oh no, I've got Cotton Candy winging its way to me as we speak (basically for the smell) - it does look nice but 4 coats is a pain.

Caitlin said...

Peach Smoothie really calls to me for some reason, I just wish it didn't have any shimmer... and was nicer to apply!

Adrienne said...

So glad I only picked up Gumdrop!

JayDee said...

$4.50! no way, they cost $14+ here in AUS!
loving the purple creme

Emily said...

Lovee the Peach Smoothie. I love gold shimmers, definitely may have to try it out

markjoy said...

I would have loved to enter the giveaway, but it was fun to take the survey. I hope I took it in time for it to be of some benefit to you.

Thanks for your post - I've been very curious about these polishes, and it's good to know about the sheer quality (VNL - ick!) and the troublesome application. I'll skip them and stick with my China Glaze.

for the love of beauty by lara said...

awww lovely colours though!

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