Thursday, May 13, 2010

Yesterday's NOTD: Street Wear Prince Charming

Today's kind of bumpy but I had a great day yesterday. I didn't have any classes so I stayed home in the morning and early afternoon and worked my tail off on my poster for APS and on data analysis. Then I got sick of sitting around inside so I went to my favorite cafe in the neighborhood, had a Thai ice tea with coconut milk (yum) and wrote three, four pages of my second year paper. I still have so much work I have to do but having all of yesterday to myself to concentrate on research work was really good for me. If only I had more quiet days like that.

Street Wear Prince Charming

I went back and forth on whether I liked this polish: it was my NOTD for two days (and not a single chip with Nubar Nu Nails and Poshe). When I first put it on, all I could see was the unfortunate shimmer/glitter combination that looked gritty and bumpy and required several layers of Poshe to smooth over. Also, this is four coats and it's still pretty sheer (granted, my nails are pretty stained but four coats, c'mon). So I was not immediately happy with this polish, even though I loved it in the bottle. Because I didn't have time to change my mani, I kept it on for longer than I would have normally wanted but then the polish grew on me. It's light blue shimmer with gold/seafoam green flash (at least somewhat visible in most lighting) and sprinkled with holo glitter. It's playful, unexpected... but because it's got that gritty, somewhat frosty look to it while being sort of sheer at the same time, I think it looks kind of cheap. I think all sorts of polishes can look, well, polished and classy -- this is not one of them.

I still kind of like it though!

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Ping said...

This polish is kinda interesting...reminds me of Cinderella's dress, yet it's also got that strange early '90s street look to it, haha. Difficult to pin point, but I kind of like it too.

R3Beauty said...

I think it looks great on you - but 4 coats! Dang - you have patience! No thank you!

Deez Nailz ~ where the CANADIAN Bloggers at ? said...

I like this description

"unfortunate shimmer/glitter"

I have to wonder why they even make polish's like this. It takes way, waaaaaay to many coats of Top Coats to get it smoothe.

USG = unfortunate shimmer/glitter

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