Friday, June 25, 2010

China Glaze Vintage Vixen, Part II of III

Some more Vintage Vixen swatches, thanks to China Glaze.

China Glaze Swing Baby

Photos probably do not convey the awesome burning bright fire of this polish. It's a champagne foil but it's so glossy and glassy and kind of sears your retinas when in the sunlight. Three coats.

China Glaze Emerald Fitzgerald

Yes, please! The bottle color is unimpressive, it's almost kind of a murky emerald. But on the nail, it is a vibrant teal shimmer. Nicely pigmented too! Full coverage at two coats. What I really liked though was that it had a very glossy finish. Very easy to apply, mildly brush-strokey.

China Glaze Foxy

Looked like a Christmas-y red-with-gold shimmer in the shade but in the sun, it became a burnished orange shimmer. I was shocked at how pretty it turned out once I held my hand out in a beam of sunshine. Two coats.

China Glaze Jitterbug

I loved this one. Charcoal foil. Like Swing Baby, it had an extremely glassy, glossy finish and it was just so freakishly bright, even for a dark silver like this. Really misleading in the bottle since it looks sort of dull and dark when not on the nail or in the light. Two coats. I think this would look nice as a pedi shade actually.

Almost done. Hope to get the last of the Vintage Vixen swatches up by tomorrow. :)

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Piff said...

Whoa - I thought I didn't need any from this collex but I like ALL of these. Foxy is really awesome.

Ping said...

I agree with Piff, I love all of these! Which is surprising because they don't look as awesome in some of the other swatches I've seen. Definitely adding to my Vixen list, thanks for the swatches!

aaminahs mom said...

must have the green ,blue, ingrid, purple and silver i alaready got my list and bread stacked to get them---yeah baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kimberly said...

I like them all, but Jitterbug is going to be MINE!!! You did a great job swatching these too.

Paillette said...

Oh, I think I found the three I must own!
Jitterbug, Emerald Fitzgerald and Jitterbug!!!!

Beautiful swatches! Thanks for the foil "mind melt" I love it!

Cel said...

Wow, these are all just amazing. I love them all.

Jen said...

OMG, I want this collection. I think out of all of them, there is only like 1 that might not work on me!

Kelsey said...

I am definitely going to get Emerald Fitzgerald and Jitterbug. I love blues/greens and silvers! I am also pleased to hear that even though they are so glittery, they still dry with a glossy finish.

By the way, did you cut your nails? They look so gorgeous at this length!!

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