Friday, June 11, 2010

Old NOTD: OPI Damone Roberts 1968

This week has been craaaaaaazy. I thought I'd be off on happy relaxed vacation lala-land this week but as it turned out, I forgot that I had a final paper that was due on Monday (though I did know about the final presentation) and as a result have been writing furiously to make up for that. Finally got the damn thing in yesterday.

Not that I could have done many swatches anyway because my nails are in horrible shape. My suitcase slipped from my hands while I was taking it down from the overhead compartment and got caught briefly on my pinky nail on Sunday. I was so relieved to see that the nail didn't seem to break but the pinky was sore for day afterward. Because I was so busy and tired, I didn't change my nail polish until Wednesday night. When I removed my nail polish (American Apparel Berry, which is such a pretty berry shade), I saw that there was something dark caught under my pinky nail... it took me a few minutes of poking and prodding at it with a cuticle stick before I realized that it was dried blood. :( Then I looked closer at my nail and realized that it was half torn at the smile line. If it weren't for the nail polish, it would have ripped clean off. But the combination of Nail Life Gripper, AA Berry and Diamont actually stayed whole even though the nail itself was damaged. Color me impressed!

I've pasted a teabag on the nail and will let the damage grow out a few days before I chop off my nails. (Waiting a few days so they're a little more than nubbin.) I have the feeling that I'm going to have an ugly scab on my pinky for awhile... and I'm NOT in the business of grossing you all out, so I think I may be three-fingered swatches until the finger heals completely. I could do right hand swatches but it's likely that you'd be getting ugly application and ugly photos if I do that...

But before I start posting three-fingered swatches, I do have a small stock of old swatches that I hadn't posted before... like this one!

I was so excited when I saw that Damone Roberts would be offering his limited edition OPI polish again. Love those minty, soft greens!

OPI Damone Roberts 1968

Excuse the weird little gap issue I had on my index finger. That's a case of "too much acetone, not enough attention". I LOVE this color but the application was a bit of a pain. It was opaque in three coats but it was very thick and goopy and I had to glop on the third coat because I thought it might be streaky and uneven otherwise. I am glad I finally got to squelch my longtime lemming but as usual, it wasn't as amazing as I thought it'd be. (It also started chipping with Nubar Nu Nail and Diamont during the first day.) Still, I adore this color.

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kittytokaren said...

I think this looks seriously fab on you!!

Jo said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!

Sandi said...

Ouch! I've had really good luck using +NailAid Liquid Bandage on cracked nails until they grow out enough to file everything down a bit. As far as I know it's only available online but it's very reasonable and if you buy 2, free shipping.

jaljen said...

It was probably special when it came out. There are so many dupes now it has become just another mint.

tasha~ said...

Love it!

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