Saturday, June 12, 2010

Some more old swatches and NOTDs: cheap (ELF Desert Haze), mid-end (Zoya Astra), and mid-high-end (Kanebo Moss)

More old photos before I have to start using three-fingered swatches to avoid showing off my injured pinky. :(

ELF Desert Haze
It's lovely to have a one dollar version of a the shroomy-greige creme trend, don't you think? As usual, the ELF brush was like a broom but the polish itself was quite nice. It applied well in three coats. I'm not usually a fan of ELF polishes since I think they're usually of pretty poor quality -- and I have no patience for poor quality polishes even if they only cost $1 -- but this one was pretty nice.

Zoya Astra

My photos don't even come close to doing this manicure justice. I wore this for several days and it was just beautiful. Sparkling red glitter in magenta jelly. It really brightened a few of my days in mid-May when I was going absolutely INSANE from all the work I had.

Kanebo Moss
Gosh, this was really pretty in the bottle with the gold shimmer but it went on kind of streaky when applied on the nail. I only recently discovered Kanebo's nail polish -- I had previously only used an eyeshadow compact and tinted moisturizer that I bought in Taiwan years ago -- and so far, they're a mixed bag. I get them for about $12 each on eBay, which ain't cheap, and for the inconsistency of quality... eh, not a huge fan. One of my favorite red cremes is Kanebo Red but this Moss polish was a disappointment. A bit too frosty for my taste, which I didn't expect because the shimmer looked gold in the bottle. Three coats.

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pretty said...
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pretty said...

wow the zoya and elf are amazing in their own ways.. maybe I think I need that zoya.. ooh

that's a shame about the more expensive one.. but I'm not a big fan of metal finishes though in general.

Kimberly said...

I do like the neutral-ness of the Kanebo though. But if it didn't perform better and you don't care for the color, $12 is a lot for a polish.

Ashley A. said...

Zoya Astra is a pretty party or girl's night out color. :)

Meryem said...

This ELf nail polish is my favouuurite!

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