Friday, July 23, 2010

Pink & Purple Mixed: Essie Splash of Grenadine

Today I have for you another offering from the Essie Resort Collection - this time, Splash of Grenadine. Just like its sister Turquoise & Caicos, it makes me want to sit in a lounge chair and sip a cocktail on the beach. Great marketing at work here!

Another gorgeous pinky-purple creme! Sometimes I feel like I have too many of this breed of polish, but I am attracted to this part of the spectrum on some basal level that reaches deep into my childhood. I remember being a little kid in daycare, sitting on the floor and furiously scribbling on a plain white piece of paper in crayon. The teacher/minder came up and asked me what I was drawing (in that patronizing way only adults who are around children 24/7 can have). "My favourite colour," I said. "And what's that?" I gave her the stink eye. "Pink and purple mixed."

(I have a crazy-great memory. My mother says "It's not normal to remember everything. It must be because you have mental problems." Love you, Mom...)

So I'm going to just cite my childhood attraction to 'pink and purple mixed' as my excuse for having so many of these polishes. I think the blue in them helps to flatter my cool skintone. Or I just like it - either way, pass the pina colada!

What was your favourite colour as a child?


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Margaret44 said...

very pretty :)

Sarah B. said...

Lol, I loved your childhood story!

I always loved a combo of 3 colors, pink (that can be magenta or fuschia), teal and indigo/violet.

I still squee whenever I see something that has these 3 colors together. I think It was because I loved everything Lisa Frank when I was a little girl... Here's a link for some of her old work

Grace said...

I loved the whole resort collection. (Lapis of Luxury wasn't the color I thought it would be, but it was pretty all the same.) Splash of Grenadine was the last one I tried out of the four, actually, but I found it was kind of nice to have a "traditional" color on my nails for a change.

My favorite color was orange. Surprisingly it's probably the color least represented in my stash. I have a few orangey-reds, and orangey-pinks, but I don't think I have a single true orange polish. I think I'll have to fix that - there's a cute orange coming out in the new Color Club collection.

tasha~ said...

I used to love GLITTER and I would get it everywhere! hahaha! But I understand- I love light pinks and I keep buying the same shade over and over again for lipglosses and polishes!

Zara said...

Pretty! I'm the same way with purple. :)

Aurora's Nails said...

Agreed about the marketing, it made me crave the beach! Pretty pink!

faerieberry said...

What a cute story!

This is my favorite shade of pinky-purple. I love it and can't get enough of it this year!

My favorite color as a kid vacillated between sea green and peach, like Hare Krishna peach. I was a child of the 80s after all!

I still love sea green in my stones though. My calcite ring (like this one: transports me right to the sea..

kittytokaren said...

@Margaret44 - Thank you!!

@Sarah B - OMG Lisa Frank - that brings back the memories!!! I remember as a kid I would refuse to use school supplies that weren't Lisa Frank! Hahaha amazing!! Thanks for that memory :)

@Grace - You know what orange reminds me of? Did you watch Sesame Street as a kid? They had this video about how crayons were made and the featured colour was orange - and I loved orange crayons because of that. And you def need an orange np then!

@tasha - Hahaha I can see you messing with glitter and glue!!! Love it! I'm the same way with lipglosses - light pink nude shades...oi.

@Zara - Purple is so gorgeous, you can't go wrong!

@Aurora - I'm not usually a sucker for marketing, but that one really got me too!

@faerieberry - Thank you!! I feel like all colours have stories, at least for me. I'm so glad there's another SoG fan! Another child of the 80s! Yes! Were you into Lisa Frank as well?? You know whats funny...I was just thinking the other day that I wanted a polish the colour and milkiness of sea glass exactly like the colour of that ring....just beautiful!!!

I love you guys!!!


extraH said...

I love this color of your nails, it's super chic, and for the record, the second grade version of me would have punched someone if my magenta crayon went missing. : )

Lucy said...

How wonderful to have such a good memory. I barely have a memory of childhood. I believe it was purple for me. The polish is very pretty on you. I didn't want it before but now....

Arrianne said...

I think this looks awesome on you! I remember everything too. Guess I have mental problems, what a shock, haha!

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