Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sally Hansen Pacific Blue

I have a huge soft spot in my heart for periwinkle blues after a love affair I had with a mock turtleneck shirt that I wore TO DEATH in seventh grade. I was an awkward 13-year-old to say the least, with a curly afro that no one should have let me cut short and a purple eye shadow addiction that still forces me to shudder when I think about it. That periwinkle blue shirt made me feel like a semi-acceptable teenager, and it was mostly due to the color – I just loved it, and that color still makes me giddy.

Enter stage left: an illness last February. Upon being driven to Walgreens to pick up more medication, I decided that Sally Hansen Pacific Blue would make me feel better more than any pain killer, and don’t even think for a second that you haven’t thought the same thing with some polish in your not-so-distant past. Pacific Blue would heal in a way that pharmaceuticals could not, I was sure.

Sally Hansen - Pacific Blue (indoors)

And heal me, it did!

Sally Hansen - Pacific Blue (shade)

Sally Hansen - Pacific Blue (sun)

How could you not smile at your tips in a color like this bad boy? It’s blue heaven, my friends. Don’t get me wrong, the medication probably had something to do with it as well, but I’m sure the blue HELPED.

Now I’ve heard some people have some qualms with the thickness of the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Brush and the height of the bottle, but I don’t have too much of a problem with it. This is the only Xtreme Wear polish that I own, so perhaps it’s just my Xtreme Love of this color that overshadows it. I don’t know, I’ll have to buy another color of this brand and test that theory - twist my arm, why don’t you. Does anyone know of a Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear that I just *have* to have?

SIDE NOTE: Upon removal of this polish, I did notice some staining on my nails, so be sure to double up on the base coat to avoid nails that make you look as if you are suffering from hypothermia.

Happy day, all!

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Reese said...

I really like that!! I think I need a bottle now. No! Darn you extraH! I don't need more polish! lol.

I actually really love your blogging style. Your personality shows through and you're quite likable. I'm so glad you joined the PoP team! :]


mKat said...

My oh my that is gorgeous. Every so often I see this colour on the shelf and think it's such a perfect cream. I love it! (Looks great on you, too!)

officebite said...

I recently picked up this color to complete a "red, white and blue" look - it is SUCH a gorgeous color, and I got lost in it every time I looked.

I have four or so of this Xtreme Wear brand, and actually have no complaints! I think it applies and wears well. - Rachael

AggiePigeon said...

I also love this pacific blue color and I love the Xtremewear polishes, cheap and they get the job done!

You should see if you can get Virtual Violet, I have it swatched here:

Aurora's Nails said...

Oh, dear, I also had a purple eyeshadow addiction. With glitter. But I love this color...periwinkle is just such a wonderful color!

Ms Meghan said...

I actually really really love the Xtreme Wears. The price is super reasonable and they have so many colors to choose from! I recommend wet cement (chic pale gray cream), purple pizzaz (purple with pinkish gold shimmer), blue me away (brighter than pacific blue), and caribbean coral (lush shimmery coral). i have others but i haven't tried them yet.

extraH said...

@Reese - Thank you so much for the lovey compliment, that really makes me smile! I'm so happy to be part of the team!

@mKat - it IS so perfect, and thanks so much! Just remember that base coat... grrr.

@officebite - I'm so glad you like this one as much as me, and thanks for the vote of confidence in these, I'll have to pick up some more. : )

@Aggiepigeon - Ooooh, I like that one! Have you ever tried layering it over black? I bet that would be incredible!

@Aurora's Nails - Ahhh, purple eyeshadow! What were we thinking?

@Ms Meghan - I've seen wet cement and I have a similar one from Icing; that color is terrific and I NEVER would have thought that I would like it this much. I will definitely take a look at those others, thanks so much for the recommendations!

Thanks for reading, all!

Jen said...

Pacific Blue really is a great color and it looks awesome on you! So glad I found this one :)

Anonymous said...

No one knows the weight of anothers burden. ............................................................

danielle said...

This is the ONLY color I've ever purchased a backup for (though probably not the last, hehe). It's stunning on you!

Ariana said...

COMPLETELY agree with you here! this is one of the most gorgeous colors I own, let alone my favorite blue. It's so bright and cheery! AND, it's really great to marble with! Check it out:

sachelle said...

i bought this one on impulse and i'm so glad i did! it's so pretty. i may just apply it now cuz of this post...hmmmm :)

Zara said...

I absolutely love this color; it's one of my favorite blues! I would definitely recommend SH Xtreme Wear Sun Kissed.

extraH said...

@Jen - Thanks, and I'm sure it looks lovely on you as well - it's such a happy color.

@danielle - oh no, a backup! I need one! : )

@Ariana - I LOVE that one finger marble mani! I have yet to try the water marble technique, but you may have just inspired me.

@sachelle - love it! : )

@Zara - Oh, I will definitely check that one out! Thanks, girl!

Lucy said...

I love this brand of Sally Hansen. I also like the brush which takes some getting used to. That is a bright, cheery shade of blue. I just had to look in my book to see if I had it and I do. Very glad of that. I always double up on my base coat.

Ana said...

This one of my favourite shades of blue.

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