Monday, August 16, 2010

Anna Sui #606

Yup. In Chicago. Giving a talk today. Eep. Eep. Eep. Eep. Eep.


I was overjoyed to see that Urban Outfitters started carrying Anna Sui polishes online. I've been looking for a reliable place to order Anna Sui polishes from for years now. Some people are turned off by it but I really do enjoy the candy rose scent the nail polish dries down to: it lasts for days.

Anna Sui #606

Unfortunately, my enthusiasm for these polishes were dampened by the fact that I did not really enjoy any of the three polishes I ordered. For $15+shipping, it's in the category of, "It had better be phenomenal or I'll be pissed." And because they were not phenomenal... Anyway. Anna Sui #606 is a bright orange jelly with sparse multisized gold glitter. I like the color. I like the glitter. I like the combination of the color and the glitter. And, of course, I love the candy rose scent. And I love the rose-shaped bottle! BUT... four coats and still not opaque? And then took forever to dry (with Gelous bc and Diamont tc). Which then meant my nails got ruined when, two hours later, I continued work on a decoupaging project (a birthday gift for my SO several weeks ago -- he's a great cook so I made him a recipe binder).

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Faith J. said...

That makes me sad because it's such a gorgeous color! Does anyone have suggestions for similar polishes?

maRyya said...

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Piff said...

Good luck, milady!

milan and vanaily said...

LOL, I'm one of those people who cannot stand the "rose" smell. Makes me a bit nauseous, so I try to put top coat on to seal in the smell.

mKat said...

You'll be great, Flinty. :)

Aurora's Nails said...

Pretty color! But yeah, that's a lot of coats for it to not be opaque.

Lucy said...

Love the scent. I own one bottle. I'm glad that they're now sold online at Urban Outfitters. Love this shade but sad that it's not more opaque.

flinty said...

Thanks for all the well wishes to those who wished me well! :)

@faith: I honestly don't know any other polish that is this jellyish type orange with glitter. Sucks because I liked the combo too.

@maRyya: I already followed your blog since you had asked me to in a previous post. Please do not spam me.

@milan and vanaily: aww. that's too bad. that's gotta make these polishes a little unbearable then!

@aurora: seriously! Was not happy with it.

@lucy: I haven't had the same problem with other Anna Sui nail polishes so order away! ;)

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