Sunday, August 15, 2010

Zoya Astra - Love Unrequited

Dear Zoya:

I love you, I really do. I love your cremes, I love your shimmers, I love all of your finishes and colors. I love that you name your polishes in an interesting way, I love your bottle shape, I love your website, I even love the fact that your located in Ohio!

One of the things I love the most is your glitters. Like, LOVE them. In the words of famous stylist and Bravo TV icon Rachel Zoe, I die for your glitters. Your glitters, however, do not die for me.

Zoya Astra is a lovely magenta jelly-based glitter with three coat coverage to opacity and a color so juicy it makes me want to lick my nails. The issue for me is the wear of this polish. For the rest of the glitters of the world, it's as if I have to chisel them off; for Zoya glitters like this one, I have a chip on my middle nail before the end of Day One. I even used my version of the color lock system - one coat of NailTek Foundation II, three coats of color and one coat of Zoya Armor. Where is my longevity to go with my love of this polish?

Please make your polishes love me as much as I love them; therapy is expensive.


P.S. Lovely readers, do any of you have this problem? Are there any tips out there for little old me?

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Aurora's Nails said...

Wow what a nice polish! I've never tried Zoya, so can't help you there :/

Liz said...

Beautiful! I heard NailTek makes one's manicure prone to chipping? Zoya to you is RBL to me. Chips within hours! So sad. Perhaps try a different base coat ...?

Sarah B. said...

I love this one, have never seen it before!

extraH said...

@Aurora's Nails - Normally, I love Zoya polishes... you should give them a shot!

@Liz - Hmmmm, maybe it's Nailtek's fault. Ahhh, the hamster wheel of trying to find a good basecoat, it looks as if I am about to climb on you again. Thanks for the tip!

@Sarah B. - It's from the Ultra Glitter collection they released about a year ago, and they are all lovely! : )

BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

love this, onto my wishlist ;o)

I have tagged you for an award, see full details here:

hugs PolishandPowder

Lucy said...

What a shame! Zoya's glitters are beautiful. I forget what polish I used and it chipped immediately. Very annoying! I have a very poor memory. I know it wasn't a cheap brand. This is a beauty.

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