Sunday, August 15, 2010

Glitter Gal Blue

I'm leaving for Chicago today to do my very first talk at an academic conference. Nervous, very, very nervous. But here's a happy old swatch that brought a smile to my face when I swatched it.

Glitter Gal Blue

A lot of photos, huh? I hope that didn't bore you. I just couldn't decide which photos I wanted to use. I LOVE this blue holo. It's AMAZING. This is three coats. The first coat made it look like it was going to be very sheer but it built up quickly. It was pretty easy to apply (not the easiest but not bad either) and unlike Nfu.Oh holos, any old basecoat will make this look gorgeous. It's naturally pretty glossy on its own as well. I find these polishes to be a bit on the more expensive end (about US$8.50, not to mention having it shipped from Australia) but omg, all the ones I've had so far have been great. I'll be sure to post more polishes from Glitter Gal soon!

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Jamie K. said...

blue holos are always awesome! :)

Ping said...

Good luck on your conference :)

This is totally blingin'!

milan and vanaily said...



Janna said...


Best of luck!

markjoy said...

No bore at all, those photos are intoxicating!

Karla said...

That's sooo beautiful!

Good luck at the conference! And have fun in the Windy City - or as some of us refer to it - home! Yes, I live in the greater Chicagoland area. We're happy to have you here! ;)

mKat said...

Best of luck! That is a fantastic polish. :)

(And Chicago is one of the most incredible cities I have ever been to.)

jadedlights said...

Good luck at your conference!
I'm going to Chicago tomorrow (Monday) too, but for a leisure trip. :)

That polish is amazing!

Sarah B. said...

Such a pretty holo!!

Jackie S. said...

OMG! This blue is awesome!

Aurora's Nails said...

I hope your speech went great. This is suuuuch a pretty color!

Lucy said...

This is really beautiful! I just love holos. I just received my order from Nubar the other day. I bought the Nail Prisms Collection. One beautiful holo after another.

flinty said...

@Karla: You live in such a cool city. I LOVED it. I want to go back, like soon. :)

@mKat: I love big cities. I guess I was bound to love it too. :)

@jadedlights: how was your trip?? :)

Thanks all for all your well wishes and I'm glad you liked the Glitter Gal polish!

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