Saturday, August 14, 2010

Orly Cosmix, Part II of II: the rest of 'em that don't have dupes that immediately come to mind

The rest of the Orly Cosmix... some taken in the sunlight, others taken in the lightbox and in the shade (because the sun doesn't necessarily show off these changeable polishes as well as the other two conditions -- which is rare for me).

Orly Out of this World

Three coats. Blue-purple (and sometimes gold) duochrome shimmer suspended in jelly that looks like it may be black. Probably my least favorite. I just feel like I've seen this somewhere else before but I don't know where.

Orly Galaxy Girl

This polish is brilliant. Burgundy jelly filled with teal-blue-purple shimmer. The teal is the most prominent shimmer color. I used two coats here but I should have used three.

Orly Space Cadet (again)

I raved about this polish here. A lot. With a lot of photos.

OK, off to pack for Chicago now. And to eat the delicious strawberries I picked today at an organic farm right off of the Pacific Coast Highway. And the olallieberry pie I bought at the farm.

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Ping said...

Space Cadet and Galaxy Girl look totally awesomeeeeee.

Anonymous said...

Space Cadet keeps haunting me. Agh!

zygzak said...

I have a dupe for space cadet. If you want to see check the link:,5/kolorowe-bliznieta,90.html

There are my photos in the text. On the left is orly, on the right golden rose paris magic 302. Both 1 layer on a black polish.

Can you spot a difference?

Justine said...

Orly Galaxy Girl looks like the base of Misa Embroidered Emerald/Urban Decay Bruise + some glass fleck. I might try to franken an Orly Galaxy Girl dupe with MAC Blue Brown pigment and a glass fleck like Orly Shine, an SH Ultra HD (probably Spectrum), or a Zoya from the Sparkle collex.

As for Orly Space Cadet, I might try combining Color Club Wild and Willing + Zoya Ki although I'm a bit fearful of mixing different polish formulas.

Since you've already done so many awesome and helpful comparisons in your other post, I'm waiting for Scrangie's comparison of Orly Out of this World with Zoya Julieanne and Zoya Mimi. :)

Justine said...

Thanks to you, I have now learned what an olallieberry is! I love the olallie pedigree chart at wikipedia. Previously, I hadn't heard of half the berries on that pedigree chart.

I went back and read that you think Orly Galaxy Girl is a glass flecked version of Maybelline Vanishing Venus. The question is: Which "base" is the easiest to find?! Hence my idea for using MAC Blue Brown pigment. :)

Piff said...

Oh no! Flint, I didn't get Out of this World because I thought it would be like Zoya's Mimi. Is it different?

Laynie said...

Man, I want this whole set, I just don't have the cash to spend on them. *sighs* Ah well, there is more to life than nail polish, even when the polishes are as amazing as these. :D

Aurora's Nails said...

I love Out of this World!!!

Adrienne said...

I have a request!! How does Galaxy girl compare to Maybelline's Vanishing Venus?

Justine said...

Piff, check out the comparison of Orly Out of this World, Zoya Julieanne, and Zoya Mimi at (not affiliated).

Lucy said...

These are just gorgeous polishes. I haven't ordered the collection yet. Waiting to see what all the dupes are. It's very annoying when I get them and then find I have a dupe. Space Cadet is my favorite of the three.

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