Saturday, August 14, 2010

Nails Inc Carnaby Street (and what happens when I get lazy)

Nails Inc Carnaby Street
I picked this taxi-cab yellow polish up at Henri Bendel when I was visiting home over the New Year. Yes, it has been in my untrieds for THAT LONG. It's one of the better yellow cremes of this shade that I've tried: it was opaque in three coats though required a thick coat of Diamont to even it out.

I'm also including photographic evidence of my laziness. See, sometimes when I'm swatching, I get super lazy and I just don't feel like pulling open the screen door every single time I want to get a photo... and because the resolution on my camera LCD screen isn't the most fantastic, nearly all my photos came out looking like this:

How I managed to get one where the screen pattern isn't visible is beyond me since I took them all with the screen door closed. I kind of like the effect. If only there was a nail polish that was like photo paper! It would turn dark when exposed to light so you could make shadow patterns in your nails... but then you would be able to set it somehow so the entire thing doesn't become one dark shadow. :D

I'm hoping to finish swatching the remaining two Orly Cosmix this afternoon and get that up by this evening...

Aug 12th (30m cardio), Aug 13th (15m cardio at 11pm at night because I'm just forcing myself to work out no matter how tired I am -- or more precisely, 13m to run a mile, rawr, I used to be able to do it in a bit less than 10m). I hope I can get a chance to work out while at the conference. The hotel should have a fitness room. But boo to the pool being closed during the exact days I'm there!

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jaljen said...

The screen-effect is rather good. You must be able to Konad this somehow, I'd have thought. Cardio at 11pm??? Phew, respect!

Stef said...

Awesome colour! And the shadow is so cool! It kinda looks like the surface is textured or something.. I hope you don't wear yourself out too much with the exercise. But good on ya for keeping it up for so long! I'm horrible at keeping up with my workouts! :P

Ju R said...

Very nice!

JQ said...

If they could somehow base a polish on that pink goopy photo-emulsion stuff we used for silkscreening at school, then you could have a base colour of regular polish, paint over it with the emulsion polish, then expose it to a pattern of light. Wherever the light hits the nail would harden the polish and the rest would wipe off with a damp cloth. Oh the possibilities!

Lucy said...

Love the bright yellow of this polish. The screen door shadowing is amazing looking. Wouldn't it be nice to have a polish brush on exactly like this.

Justine said...

Flinty, it looks like you might be able to achieve the screen pattern with magnetized polishes.

flinty said...

@jaljen: I could probably use the fishnet pattern to Konad but it would be much stronger, a lot less subtle than the shadow. :( And I generally do cardio at night, though usually not that late.

@stef: eh, it's pretty low-impact stuff most of the week so I think I'm within a good range. :)

@ju r: thanks!

@jq: that would be AWESOME. Any chemists out there want to work on this??

@lucy: I guess the closest we'll ever come is Konad?

@justine: oooh, these look fabulous!! Thanks for the link.

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