Monday, August 2, 2010

His Choice: OPI Dim Sum Plum

When the hubs is around, I often ask him to pick a polish for me. (I usually give him a choice of about 3 that I'm debating between.) He invariably picks the 'wrong' one - aka the one I was least favouring - so this time I decided to give him a break, go with his choice, and see how it felt.

He picked OPI Dim Sum Plum - a colour I've been *loving* on my toes!

Mama and baby - I use the mini to do pedicures - a great tip from my friend Audrey!

I think this is the most under-rated polish of the OPI Hong Kong collection. I know why - it has a lot of dupes/close cousins that have been previously released - but you really shouldn't pass this one by! I personally don't have another colour like this in my collection - it's a gorgeous bright plum creme that dries darker than it appears in the bottle - and the formula is buttery, smooth, and one-coat perfection - much like it's collection-mate Jade is the New Black.

I think hubs did pretty well with this one - I had been loving it on my toes and was a little nervous about wearing it on my tips - but once I had it on I felt comfortable, especially with the short lil nails I've been sporting! Not bad, lover. Not bad at all...

Do you ever let your significant other pick out your polish? Do you agree with their choices?


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Leanne said...

I used to always ask my boyfriend to pick what colour I should wear but I've stopped doing that now for the very same reason - they ALWAYS pick the wrong one!
I never picked this one up, I kinda think I should have done. Lovely colour.

cmol6369 said...

I always ask my boyfriend before I paint my nails "Hey what do you think about red nails for tomorrow?" or whatever and he usually will tell me yeah that's cool or no what about cute.

But if I ever give him the choice of choosing he always says "That blue one" which is OPI Ogre the Top's his favorite :]

Aurora's Nails said...

Mama and baby so cute! Lol!

I get super excited when the boyfriend notices my nail polish...he tends to favor pinks.

And honestly, this is not a shade that really appeals to me, but now I kind of want's plain, but it probably WOULD be nice for a pedi, or even a mani. Hmm. Yeah, I'll probably end up picking this one up.

Anonymous said...

Do you know how this color compares to the OPI Spain Collection pinks? Been holding off on buying this polish since I'm thinking this has a twin in that collection.

Lovely nevertheless.

Jess said...

This is a gorgeous color. It was one of my faves from the Hong Kong Collection, but I haven't used it yet

Grace said...

I usually polish my nails when my husband isn't around (otherwise he complains "all you ever do is paint your nails!") so he doesn't get a choice.

This is a really pretty color, but I didn't pick it up. It looks really similar to Ate the Berries in the Canaries (or whatever it was) from the Spain collection.

kittytokaren said...

@Leane - I don't know what it is, but he always manages to pick the one out of three or four that I'm least into!! They are magical, those men.

@cmol - I love that your BFs favourite is a blue!! Typically (as in, studies have shown, not just my opinion) men lean more towards red and pink, so yours is a special think-outside-the-box one!!! Keeper :)

@Aurora - I can't get over the cuteness of mini OPI bottles. Really speaks to my love of all things kawaii! It *is* plain, for sure, but theres something really nice about a smooth creme. I really love it as a pedi.

@belle - I think its almost an exact dupe of Ate Berries In the Canaries, so if you have that I wouldn't go for this. I don't have any of those colours like this, so I picked this one up.

@Jess - Bust it out girl!!

@Grace - Haha you sneaky polisher you! You're right about it - its almost an exact dupe of ABitC. I wouldn't have picked this up if I already had Ate Berries, so if you have it I think you're good.


AggiePigeon said...

I also love this color on my toes! I think it is my fav from the whole bunch! My hubby refuses to pick colors for me for nail polish but I showed him my eyeshadow palette and asked him to pick a color and he picked one and once I had it on he told me that I should never let him pick my eye makeup again! lol, I was just starting, it still needed other layers, I guess he thought that I achieve my eyeshadow looks with one color only?! lol

sachelle said...

I always ask my man to pick between some polishes I choose and he always prefers me to keep my nails natural instead of painted. If he has to choose he picks either the lightest color possible (or either black or grey if they're in "the list") Men are great! Haha

I didn't think that shade was all that in the bottle when I went to look at it in person, but I'm kinda loving it on your nails...*contemplates spontaneous purchase*

mKat said...

My bf is pretty supportive of my nail and cosmetics fetish. He often comments on interesting makeup he sees in movies, tv shows, video games or in person and will recommend stuff he thinks I should try. He will also often comment on my nails and/or makeup though he doesn't go out of his way to suggest colours for me unless I ask.

As of late I have been asking him to make suggestions but rather than giving him a limited choice I'll tell him to pick a colour family. If he picks "blue" (for example), I can then decide which blue I feel like wearing. Sometimes, however, he'll pick out a particular shade and that's fine too. I have learnt very recently that he is partial to polishes with shimmer or duochrome and finds things like my NfuOh flakies really interesting. He has NO interest in cremes (which is funny since I've developed a real preference for cremes these days.)

The last solo polish he picked for me was ChG's Frostbite.

The last combo of colours he picked for me was my fave MAC red (Vino), Color Club Revvvolution and some silver that he wanted me to Konad with. So go him! I think he has good taste. :)

P.S. I LOVE this colour, k2k!

Zara said...

I absolutely LOVE Dim Sum Plum, I think it's a gorgeous color!

I don't have a "significant other," so they don't get to choose my polish. Sometimes I ask my mom for her advice, though. :)

Apriltini said...

Gosh, no! I don't let the man NEAR my polishes! He hates it when I ask his opinion about color, clothes, or makeup, so I try not to. It's enough that he doesn't hassle me about what I buy or how much, so I try to give him his space. :)

Liz said...

yes! i love this color! i didn't think it was my kind of polish or anything special when it came out - it looked boring. i ran across the HK collection at the grocery store a few weeks ago and swatched it and fell in love! i've worn it twice on my fingers and once on my toes in a month!

kittytokaren said...

@Aggie - Haha and I thought letting him pick polish was going too far!! I have no idea what I'd look like if I let hubs pick my makeup, but I'm pretty sure it would resemble a prostitute clown.

@Sachelle - Your man isn't alone! A lot of them seem to prefer unpainted nails. Mine likes them painted though. I would highly recommend this for a spontaneous purchase!

@mKat - Mine's also pretty supportive about the np/cosmetics thing. I like the idea of giving him colour groups...maybe I'll try that next time! And it does sound like yours has good taste! Btw I'm also on a creme kick...odd. :)

@Zara - It's funny you mention mothers! The few times I've let my mother pick she picks the exact one that I've been favouring...she's a mind reader.

@Apriltini - Hahaha LOVE your reaction! Mine likes to be a part of the picking of polish, but clothes? He'd rather die.

@Liz - Yay! I'm glad you like it too!! I got the mini of this first, fell in love, and got the full size. It's really boring looking in the bottle but somehow on, it looks great!


adorepink* Check out the new blog: Nailicious* said...

Haha,reading the post and these comments about BF's picking out nail polish is funny to me. My last BF never really commented o=on my polish but the first time I wore Hot Topic Iridescent Purple, he was like that is a pretty cool color. lol

paintedbluestars said...

i dont have the significant other in a hubby form. My bf things its great that I am all girly and like to paint my nails but he could care less about teh color. My color picker outer ( wha????) is my younger brother he picks the coolest combinations. I had opi's jade is the new black with china glazes pool party polka dots( reversed on the ring finger) and I never would have done it but wow was it a fun summer mani:)

Lucy said...

Very pretty. I only bought Jade Is the New Black from the Hong Kong collection. Must add this one to the list.

Sara said...

Honestly this is one of my top colors ever! It really does look great on toes and fingers as well. I don't let my man choose because I usually shop by myself, but I do tend to ask him what he thinks of my colors and he doesn't really give good feedback lol

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