Monday, August 2, 2010

Ulta Sun-sational

For the past two weeks, I was up to my neck in the East Coast while visiting family. For those of you who are geographically challenged when it comes to some of your loved ones, you know how "vacations" to see them are - namely, they are far from vacations. The Husband and I had a great but exhausting time, and thankfully we were able to squeeze in some *ahem* polish shopping as well. Okay, I was the one buying the polish, he was the one kind enough to follow me around and pretend that he was interested. If you are reading this, Husband, it was much appreciated.

As far as the shopping itself, what can I say... Ulta, you treat me well. $5 polishes on sale for $2? Well, don't mind if I do!

I love the color yellow; bananas, butter, poundcake, twinkies... I mean, come on, it's the color of some of the greatest things in life! Okay, some of them aren't even food items, and one of them is this polish - Ulta Sun-sational. I have to say, I like this! The first coat was a bit streaky and uneven and it eventually took three coats ( probably two if you are willing to gob it on, but alas I am not) for full, lush coverage, but it was totally worth it. It wore very well, too - two days of Full Beach Activities (shell collecting and kayaking included!) and only minor tip wear. Score!

Ulta - Sun-sational (lamp)

Bonus pic: Here's a photo I took while kayaking with my nephews. WARNING: Foot photo! I love me some multi-polished same-hued toesies. On a side note, we were even able to kayak with some dolphins while they played around us, how great is that?

Okay, back to business... how do you guys feel about yellow polishes? Fans or Foes?

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L said...


Aurora's Nails said...

Congrats on surviving the family! haha. I love yellow polishes, and that one is no exception. Sounds like it lasted a while, too! And that's awesome about the dolphins!

AggiePigeon said...

I'm a huge fan of yellow polishes! I currently wear China Glaze Solar Power way too much!!!

mKat said...

I just bought this... haven't worn it yet but I am happy to know it wears so well! This is really pretty! :D And I love the fact that it matches your kayak... LOL

Any pics of the dolphins?

Zara said...

I like yellow polishes a lot! For some reason I only have three, but that will have to change. Sun-Sational is very nice, and I love that it matches your kayak! :)

Apriltini said...

I only have one yellow, but I quite like it. Sally Hansen Yellow Kitty. I even got compliments on it, which almost never happens.

extraH said...

@L - I think so, too!

@Aurora - Hahaha, thanks! Do you have Sun-sational as part of your collection? If not, it's a winner!

@AggiePigeon - I have often thought about picking up Solar Power - maybe I should!

@mKat - It does wear well, I was really shocked! I think you're going to like it, I can't wait to see it on your skin tone! As for the kayak, I totally planned it. No I didn't I'm just kidding, HAH!

@Zara - Hahah, thanks! Do you have a favorite yellow?

@Apriltini - Oooh, I have picked that one up several times ad never purchased it. Did you have any application problems with it? Ahhh, I love it when people appreciate a good polish! : )

Apriltini said...

Here's what I did with it, since I knew it was going to be somewhat sheer: one coat of Zoya Get Even ridge filling base coat, one coat of Zoya Snow White (probably should have used two), three coats of Yellow Kitty, and one coat of Essie To Dry For quick drying top coat.

The Essie is pretty good. It dried all that mess pretty quickly, and I didn't even get sheet marks.

I prefer shimmers, because I have some serious ridges on my ring and pinky fingers, and shimmers camouflage that quite nicely. Cremes usually kinda slide off the ridges so they show prominently, and that's what happened with this polish. I need to sand those suckers down. :D I also noticed a couple spots that were a little thin.

I consider myself a noob when it comes to application, so I'm chalking it up to that and needing reading glasses to see what the heck I'm actually doing. I'll be wearing this one again. It's a fun, cool toned yellow. I bet kittytokaren would like it. :)

Lucy said...

Love yellow polishes even though most are difficult because of streaking. That shade is lovely. I'd love to kayak. Looks like tremendous fun. Won't happen since I can't swim! I have a big collection of yellows.

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