Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Orly Gumdrop

I have to say, I was leery of the spring pastel colors that were released by everyone from Orly to China Glaze. When I finally broke down and ordered a few of the China Glaze "Up and Away" collection, I knew it was love and started scooping up every light-toned creme I could find, including several of the Orly Sweet collection polishes like this one - Orly Gumdrop.

I had high hopes for this one, I really did. My first issue was the consistency; the polish itself was thick and became streaky upon application. A few (or ten) drops of thinner helped, but it still wasn't perfect. I do have to say that the opacity was good - two coats and I was ready to roll!

Then there was the color. If anything, I would call it a dusty mint, and I'm not really sure that it fits my skin tone all that well! Have you ever had a polish where you look at it constantly, sometimes saying "yes, I can't handle this, it's fine" and other times you think "ummmmmno." That is this polish for me. I don't hate it, but I can't honestly say that I'm not sure I will be wearing this very much.

Do any of you have any so-so polishes that you aren't very sure about? Did you guys have good luck with the polish?

Happy day, all!

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Grace said...

I have a very love/hate relationship with gold polish. Whether or not I can wear it REALLY depends on the undertones. I got OPI Bling Dynasty on a whim and I've worn it once... and I'm not sure I'll be wearing it again. It wasn't bad, but after two days I was ready to take it off, whereas usually I'll wear a polish until it chips.

Jana said...

My bottle of Gumdrop sounds like it was a lot like yours! I tend to like this best with a white konad over it (usually flowers or something) to break up the color some. I have a love/hate relationship with most reds... I love em on my toes and generally not a fan on my tips, but sometimes I try to wear one on my hands and constantly go back and forth on whether I like it.

adorepink* Check out the new blog: Nailicious* said...

I still want some of those springy pastel shades! I cant speak for Orly Gumdrop though...

extraH said...

@Grace - I feel the same way about gold polishes, though I have not tried Bling Dynasty. I have a crazy gold color on now, I'll be sure to blog it soon!

@Jana - I totally understand what you are saying about reds, I feel the same way about them!

@adorepink - If you want some of the springy shades and have a hankering for an Orly, go for Snowcone - it's incredible! : )

Aurora's Nails said...

Mine was a little streaky, but nothing horrendous. I have a bunch of so-so polishes...meh. haha.

Lucy said...

I haven't tried mine yet. I do love that shade. I have problems with a yellow toned green. I've worn it but looking at my nails made me feel uncomfortable. Crazy to feel that way. I had to slap a coat of something else on top of it.

daisy said...

that beautifull color...i love it!
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beachgal said...

Heard there was an Orly kind of dupe for Butter London Lady Muck - this looks like it might be it - but I doubt this Orly shade is still around now in Aug 2011

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