Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sinful Colors Dream On

We all know that neons are hard to photograph and so are purple polishes. What makes perfect sense? That the hardest polish that I have photographed so far is a NEON PURPLE polish.

Sinful Colors Dream On

Sinful Colors Dream On is a pretty fabulous color even though it likes to kick the garbage out of my sweet little unassuming camera. Neon purple sounds like a pretty good description for this shade, but I'd also suggest electric plum or Barney-fur-violet. Yeah, those are about right, too.

As far as application goes, this is three coats of quick-drying, satin-finished polish with a thick coat of Seche Vite as a top coat to add shine. The color is vibrant and lovely, and it lasted for a good two days with only minor chipping, which is great in my mind for a drug store brand.

The only issue I had with this mani was with my Seche Vite; do any of you lovely readers have any problems with scratches on your nails that aren't super noticeable but annoying nonetheless?

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OH MY POLISH! said...

lol oh my goodness, what a coincidence I just finished reviewing this one also. I love this color I think it's great!

and yes, I was just noticing the other day all these tini-tiny scratches on my nails and I can't figure out what's causing them-you're right must be the seche!!


schmut said...

I have that polish and it is oh so lovely, but it doesn't photograph well.

Can it be that the Seche has picked up shimmer-particles from other polishes? You don't really see it but it has gotten stuck in the brush?

Grace said...

I think that tends to happen when the seche gets too thick. It might be time to hit it with a little restore. I always try to wait as long as possible before thinning it, because it seems like once I start, I have to keep thinning it every time I open it after that. But... a bottle of restore is cheaper than buying new bottles of vite every time it gets a little gooey.

AggiePigeon said...

I'm with Grace, it must need thinning...I always just use pure acetone to thin mine though, it's even cheaper and seems to do the job just the same. That is a very pretty color, btw.

April said...

I love this color! I actually like to wear it without a topcoat. It looks like I applied some weird photoshop effect to my nails in real life! I can't use Seche or Poshe. They both cause major shrinkage on me and my sister. I know they work great for lots of folks but not us. My favorite topcoat so far is Essie Good To Go but it's a bit too expensive.

Ice Queen said...

I own that polish and it is a bear to photograph. But it is stunning in person.

Yes, I get surface scratches in my Seche. It is my only gripe with that top coat.

Lucy said...

This is a gorgeous shade. I haven't worn it yet. I quit using Seche Vite. I have too many other top coats for free with purchase. I have other brands that are quick drying. I have to drag this one out.

Piff said...

My dear - You just posted the polish that started it all for me.

extraH said...

Dear all: I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you! I've the Beginning of a New Semester Crazies going on here.

@OH MY POLISH: I think we've found the culprit! : )

@schmut: That is a good thought, but I think it must be something with the formula because I don't see the little scratches until day two or so... thanks for the thought, though!

@Grace - Good idea, I will definitely try that! I wish SV didn't thicken up so terribly so quick.

@AggiePigeon - Pure acetone! I've never tried that. I wonder if it messes with the formula at all... hmmm. If you've used it, though, it must work. I'll give it a shot.

@April - I've never worn it without a topcoat, but I'll give that a shot. I reach for the quick dry tc so often that it's a hard habit to break!

@Ice Queen - It is a bear, I'm so glad that you agree! Have you found another top coat that works well for you?

@Lucy - This is quite a stunning color, I'm glad you like it!

@Piff: Great minds think alike.

Arrianne said...

Oh my god, those scratches drive me CRAZY! And they only show up on creme polishes. It can't be that it's too thick, cause my bottle has only a tiny dent in it.

Sam said...

Just found your blog searching for reviews for Dream On! I picked it up last week and I didn't make it three hours without chipping, and got like major flaking off within a day. I didn't have a top coat with me when I did it, I'm thinking that must have been the problem? Ever hear of any problems like that with this formula?

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