Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Hunt For Red (By) October, Part 2

Battle of the blue-based reds!

Here we have the latest polish auditioning for the part of my perfect red - Essie A-List:

Check out my A-List nubbins! This red jelly is another blue-toned red (like OPI Vodka & seen in Part 1 of my Hunt), but it reads deeper than Vodka & Caviar, which I think is more flattering on my skin.

Here it is compared to a couple other 'blue-based reds' in different lights:

L-R: OPI Got the Blues for Red, Essie Limited Addiction, Essie A-List.

As you can see from the top picture, these reds all look fairly similar in bright lighting. In fact, I went to work with my polish like this and no one was the wiser - I even forgot sometimes! In darker light the differences come out.

OPI Got the Blues for Red turns burgundy in dimmer lighting, so I don't know if I even count it in the hunt for my red! It's a confusing polish - juicy red in direct light, deep burgundy in has multiple personality disorder!

Essie Limited Addiction is very close to A-List in almost all lightings, but I get the sense that it is slightly deeper/richer, which I like. I may just be liking the name though. ;)

Even though LA is probably my favourite of these blue-based reds, I'm not sure any of these is "IT". Even though blue-based colours typically look better on me, (i.e. Pink polishes - lilac tones look great, warm-toned pinks look like death warmed over on my fingers), I'm not sure this is the kind of red that I would feel comfortable with wearing every day. It's very cherry, very pin-up, but quite a bold contrast against my super pale skin.

I think what I'm looking for a more neutral red that doesn't make me feel quite so self-conscious.

The Hunt continues!


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Karla said...

Oh! I like those! I have the OPI color, but either of the Essie I'd happily wear. I like all of them so much more than V&C... but we've talked about that already. ;)

Janna said...

I'm definitely stalking these hunt posts. I need an amazing red too! Every swatch I've seen of Limited Addiction makes me fall a little more in love. =P


~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard said...

Try Miss Marion or Nubar? There were some nice "true" reds made by both companies. Good luck!

Sandi said...

You're right, the LA looks best of the three. I don't think it's too bright though. I think it's rich.

SakuraBlossom said...

I can never get enough red! essie LA is soooo calling me, can't wait to have it!
right now i'm wearing Got the blues, and i love it sooo much, in fact it also looks kinda of burgundy on me too.
Vodka and caviar lacks boldness in my opinion, but that's how this polish is.

Lucy said...

My favorite red is an oldie. It's Revlon Red! It's a blue based red. Love it.

Alison said...

I have this colour and while I do like it I don't wear red very often, I really like Got the Blues for Red on you, but I do tend to lean more towards the burgundy reds as they really complement my super pale skintone. I thought about OPI Thrill of Brazil but not sure if may be a little warm.

Alison said...

Me again! I thought of one you could try, it's not a bold red like some of these but it's really pretty. Essie Long Stem Roses, it has a Chanel-esque secret shimmer which isn't very noticeable but kind of softens the red. I find it much more wearable than the true cremes.

kittytokaren said...

@Karla - Agreed. So much of an improvement.

@Janna - I'm discovering that red is SO personal. There are so many different shades with little nuances that play off of your skin differently. Its hard. But LA is really nice!

@Elizabeth - Thanks, girl!

@Sandi - It is quite nice...not *quite* it though!

@Sakura - I'm glad Got the Blues looks burgundy on someone else as well! I really like it though...I just think I need some more red red reds in my polish wardrobe!

@Lucy - Nice! I love old favs :)

@Alison - Hi there my friend! I love Chanel secret shimmer.hmm.......I may have to look into this!! Thanks for the rec on A-List! More goodies coming soon! I may have found my reds :)


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