Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sort of related: ultra cool color optical illusion! And American Apparel free ship code.

Back in July, someone on Nail Board asked a question about why some polishes look one color on some skintones and another color on other skintones. In response, someone posted a link to a website that had the most AWESOME color optical illusion ever.

Our perception of color depends on a lot on what colors surround them. The same color will look totally different if surrounded by certain (different) colors. Take this example (borrowed from the aforementioned website):
The green and the blue swirls? Those are the same color. It's a mint green (incidentally, one of my favorite nail polish colors), somewhere between the lime green and the light blue that we see in this graphic. I totally didn't believe it at first until I downloaded the graphic and used Photoshop to sample and compare the colors in the swirls. Even then, I thought I was being had. But no, they are the same color.

How awesome is that?! :D

Btw, American Apparel is having a free shipping sale with code: FREESHIP0810. Expires: August 11, 2010. Swatches here, here and here.

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Aurora's Nails said...

Are you KIDDING ME?! Gaaaahhhh that totally messed with my mind haha!

Öykü said...

Wow, this is so cool!

sparris said...

And that's why I prefer nail polish blogs keeping the page background colours neutral... ;)

Lucy said...

I'm spinning round and round. I love optical illusions. I'll have to visit the website.

Katy said...


And that is a nice color.

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