Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Barielle Style in Argyle (Fall 2010), Part I of II

Barielle sent me the infamous brown Style in Argyle collection to review. When I saw them all together, my first reaction was, more or less, "HUH?" This from the people who gave us June Bug! When my SO saw it, he was like, "Oh, I really like those!" (My reaction to him was, again, "HUH?")

Since swatching some of them, I have warmed up a bit more to this collection. There are definitely standouts that I really love having (as well as having a color that's sort of dupey to one of the new Chanel Khakis, as I pointed out yesterday). Here's the first half of my swatches; I'll try to get the second half done in the next week. :)

Barielle Tight Knit
This is one of the polishes that I could've done without. Dusky rose creme that leans slightly ever-so-slightly purple. This color is not flattering on me at all. Two coats.

Barielle Unraveled Rust
This one is one of my favorites. Dark chocolate with a reddish tinge. Went on so easily and turns out so glossy. Yum! Two coats.

Barielle Cowl of the Wild
Not sure if this name makes me smile or groan. This is the color that's a very vague dupe to Chanel Khaki Rose (see my post from yesterday). It's a bit too dark to be a great dupe though. On its own, it's a bit on the sheer side (especially when compared to the Chanel -- but who cares when it's about $20 cheaper?) and takes three coats (which is not horrible).

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kathy_d87 said...

I'm liking the Tight Knit and Unraveled Rust but the Cowl of the Wild not so much.

Aurora's Nails said...

Eh, none of these are really grabbing my attention...I like browns, but I like the deep, rich colors. These just aren't doing it for me. Nice swatches, though!

Lucy said...

I wasn't at all thrilled with this collection. I do love that brown! Looks gorgeous on you. I have many browns. I thought I would skip this one.

Kathy said...

I found a dupe (by accident) for the Unraveled Rust--Sally Hansen's Boca Mocha. If it isn't a dupe, it's a sister to Rust.

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