Monday, September 20, 2010

China Glaze Frostbite

If I had to name a favorite polish, this one would be it.

China Glaze - Frostbite

Hands down, China Glaze Frostbite is a such a homerun polish to me. It's pigmented as heck, applies smooth as butter, it's almost blindingly blue and wears like a champ for me. Did I mention that it's blue? Like really blue? Like jewel-toned, glowing from my fingertips blue? It is. And it is FABULOUS.

When I first got back into polish about a year and a half ago, Frostbite caught my eye at Sally's and it was love at first sight - angels sang, streams of sunlight poured out of the horrid flourescent overheads, I may have even smelled chocolate, I'm not even sure. Whatever happened, it was magical. I have worn this so faithfully ever since that when I heard a rumor a year ago that this might be discontinued, I actually bought a backup. Thankfully, that seems like it was false info; either way, though, it makes me feel good that I have a security blanket of Frostbite-y goodness.

Do any of you obsess over a polish like I love Frostbite? It's like a margarita in a polish bottle to me, and as today is my birthday, I thought this would be a fab one to share. Viva la birthdays!

Happy day, all!

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JQ said...

Happy Birthday!

I love the way you describe finding this on the shelf. :P "I may have even smelled chocolate" made me laugh out loud. Startled the hubby!

I haven't got it yet but am obsessed with Nina Ultra Pro Salsa. I think it might be my superlemming.

sandrahome said...

Happy birthdayyyyyyyyyy!!!!

Im waithing for this one to arrive in a swap, love it!!!

APE said...

I cracked up at your reaction also.

Happy birthday!

thegirlwithabow said...

Happy Birthday!

I obsess over For Audrey and DV8, I've got another For Audrey backup but have to scout out a DV8, it's so expensive.

Jess said...

This is gorgeous! Happy Birthday!

Twister said...

Gorgeous. Frostbite is on my wishlist

LiveLaughLove6487 said...


Mickellerox said...

Happy happy birthday, from all of us to you! We wish it was our birthday, so we could party too! :) And YES, I check the Orly rack periodically to make sure they still have Prince Charming. :)

extraH said...

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes, everyone!

@JQ - I'm glad I could give you a giggle! Ohhh, Salsa? I'm not familiar, I will have to look it up!
@sandrahome - you're gonna loooooove it!
@APE - Ha! Thanks!
@thegirlwithabow - I have wanted For Audrey FOREVER! I am going to have to get that one.
@Jess - Thank you x2!
@Twister - you NEED it! Ha!
@LiveLaughLove6487 - Thanks!!!!
@Mickellerox - Thank you so much, sweets! Prince Charming, eh? I will check it out!!

Emmett Katherine said...

i own [Chinaglaze]frostbite too i alternate between that and japanese koi on my toes.

i used to be obsessed with the colour zippy (a very bright sky blue) by L'Oreal, but i can't find it any more :( it is my all time favorite colour.

sonidlo said...

I love colors such as this one or for example Essie´s Aruba Blue!

brilliantdreamer said...

Every time I go into Sally's I'm in China Glaze heaven! I don't know why, in that store in particular, I feel like I must own every China Glaze color they have! Typically, I resist the urge, but I may not be able to do so if I see this one in there next time! I love this bright, vibrant, saturated color!

I must say, I love your writing!

Lucy said...

Darn, so sorry I missed your birthday. Happy Belated Birthday to you. God bless you also. This is one of my favorite blues also. It's so rich and vibrant. Good idea to buy the backup since you love it so much. I also enjoyed the way this polish makes you feel. I could just picture you standing in the aisle with the rays of the sun shinning down on you.

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