Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Classic: 'original' OPI Bubble Bath

After all this red-hunting I've been in serious need of a palette cleanser - something clean, neat and quiet to refresh myself after all the intense shades of tomato, cherry and crimson.

OPI Bubble Bath definitely fits the bill! Keep in mind that this is the 'original' Bubble Bath - a polish that is a 'pink shade of white' - the perfect YNBB shade from before OPI messed with the formula. The Bubble Bath of today is quite a bit pinker than the original and frankly, looks like a sticky candy mess on my skin. My own personal 'original Bubble Bath' is a black label OPI in all its stinky glory, but I have heard reports of people finding green label bottles with the original formulation. You just need to keep your eyes peeled!

Ahhh...sigh of relief right? So cleansing, and goes with anything. Really, a perfect shade in my arsenal.

I normally don't put glitter over things, but I was in a goofy mood! This is OPI Bubble Bath plus Essie Silver Bullions. (This shot was taken later in the day so the lighting is more blue! I usually photograph in the morning because well, my skin is cool-toned enough already!)

Have you tried any of the versions of OPI Bubble Bath? What's your favourite? Are you as annoyed by companies changing formulas as I am??


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jaljen said...

This goes on my wishlist right now.

kelliegonzo said...

this is so classy and refreshing, a nice calm shade sometimes is nice :)

prettybottles said...

i'm pretty sure i have a bottle of original bubble bath!! it's definitely one of my favorites. i used to wear it over and over because it's SO perfect. Im glad you posted this shade =)

kittytokaren said...

@jaljen - Yay! Glad to inspire a wish :) It really deserves it too. Timeless, effortless, and always appropriate.

@kelligonzo - Exactly :) I needed to feel refreshed after all the red!

@prettybottles - You are lucky to have a bottle! I am already worried about running out of this one. You're right - it is so perfect. :)


Courtney said...

I'm so glad you mentioned that this is an original formula! I just bought this last week, because I had a job interview and I heard this was the shade that Giada de Laurentiis wears on her shows. I was so sad when i applied it and it looked like pink cotton candy on my nails! I returned it immediately! I blamed it on my skin tone pulling the pink out of it, but I'm relieved to hear it was just the new formula! I'll definitely have to keep my eyes peeled for the old formula! I have hope for Bubble Bath again!! :-)

pelininstyle said...

Real classic as you said!
I loved how you gave this nail polish a different look with glitters.

Aurora's Nails said...

Beautiful! I love OPI Bubble Bath...definitely one f my favorite polishes!

kittytokaren said...

@Courtney - It gets so confusing when companies change formulas!! The "new" Bubble Bath was a hot pink mess on me too. I hope you can snag an older one!!

@pelin - Thank you! Checking out your blog :)

@Aurora - It's fantastic eh?


Piff said...

Oooh jellz! Where did you find it?

Maria said...

This is sooo pretty! It actually makes me planning on do a nude mani later tonight, after removing my almost-black "Beyond Jealous" (MAC)! :D

kittytokaren said...

@Piff - swappage!

@Maria - Sometimes its really nice to do something pale or natural after a dark! I like that too :)


Lucy said...

I've never seen this one. Must've been released when I was in my no polish wearing days. The amount of polishe I missed is staggering! Also makes me so sad. Well getting back to your nails. That's a pretty shade. Shame OPI had to mess with it.

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