Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sinful Colors - Velvet Diamond

Well hellllo, layering polish! How long have you been hiding in my little Helmer? THAT LONG? Oh. Ummm. Errrrr. Sorry.

Sinful Colors Velvet Diamond over Ulta Envy

When you've had a polish so long that you need to thin it down before you use it for the first time... well, it's sort of embarrassing. I'm sorry, Velvet Diamond. You are lovely, I promise I will not ignore you again.

I've been on a layering kick lately, so I've been yanking some polishes out of my stash that I think will either enhance my manicure, or, let's be honest, make it look a little different for ONE MORE DAY so that I can convince myself that I don't have to remove my polish every fifteen minutes because I am bored. This lacquer looks fairly blah in the bottle, but on the nail it transforms the base color into an almost holo-like finish. Shown above is Ulta Envy with only one coat of Velvet Diamond which really changes the entire look, if you ask me.

One question, though... what's with the name? Hey, I'm in the Arts, I know that titles can get a little crazy, but Velvet Diamond? What the hell is a Velvet Diamond?
(for the record, this comes up when you google "velvet diamond" - a coffin-shaped drum stick holder. no thank you.)

On another note, have you found any layering polishes that you love?

Happy day, all!

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Kara said...

Mainly just glitters-I love Wet N Wild Kaleidoscope especially. A lot of my layering polishes are Sinful Colors as well though (Pearl Harbor-a worse name than Velvet Diamond!-Queen of Beauty, Hottie) although I also have a sheer pink Borghese and a dollar store Sally Hanson that I like.

extraH said...

@Kara - those are incredibly nice, too! I have Hottie and I love it!

Sandi said...

I have several of the 'glitzy' shades Milani had several years ago (when they were just getting started maybe?) that I pulled out of storage when my nail obsession reactivated itself just after the first of the year (I retired!!!). They are very sheer and the base colors range from white (barely) through a couple of levels of pink to one that's a medium bubble gummy pink (not usually my thing but strangely pretty) called Glitzy Pink that was a back up for the lighter Glitzy Pink I had first. The pinkest one I usually wear by itself but they are all chock full of gorgeous multi-colored pastel shimmer/micro-mini glitter in pink, blue, green and maybe silver. Since I'm not much for conventional Spring pastels, these are my solution to remaking some of my brights into more spring-y shades. I really love them and the white over a navy is awesome.

Lucy said...

I don't have this one. I have many Sinful Colors. They are great for layering. Strange name is so true!

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