Thursday, September 30, 2010

Glitter Grows Up - OPI Holiday Glow

First of all - WOW!! Almost 1000 followers!! I think I speak for all of the PoP ladies when I say thank you - I never really thought we'd have such a large/active reader base! I really appreciate and enjoy all of your comments - that's what makes this blog so fun. :)

Today I'm going to show you what is probably my favourite glitter polish. You might be thinking "kittytokaren doesn't wear glitter...she must have inhaled too many fumes or completely lost it due to 5th-year-grad-student-syndrome". While both these things may or may not be true, I generally don't 'do' glitter - nothing personal against it, I just never feel like I can pull it off - it's just not 'me'. But this glitter is very me! From the OPI Holiday Wishes collection released last fall - I give you OPI Holiday Glow!

Classic pose:

You can see my super nubbins and the glitter well from this angle:

See how the pink microshimmer gives it a rosy glow sometimes?:

I know Burlesque is coming out and everyone is super hyped about it, but last years Holiday collection hit all of the right buttons for me and I keep going back to those polishes. This is no exception. While I usually find glitter to be OTT (over the top) and too flashy for my fairly low-key life & style, this one has a rather elegant spirit to it. The base is a brown with a dash of eggplant - the silver glitter looks like sugar crystals mixed in, while the pink microshimmer rounds it out and gives it a more sophisticated, complex finish.

I really like this for when I feel like I need a little extra sparkle - I feel like it's subdued enough for work - but interesting and glamourous enough to add a little oomph to my life. I think it fits in perfectly with my 'style'. :)

What's your favourite glitter polish?


P.S. Sad admission - I initially bought this last year when I read in a magazine that Kim Kardashian liked it. Oi. Apparently my mother read the same article because she stole it and I had to swap desperately to get it back in my life!

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jaljen said...

Fave glitter? OPI Mad Hatter. I'm guessing that would be a bit OTT for you????

Well done on your 998. Your photos are excellent. You deserve it.

kileen said...

I really love that glitter polish on you and doesn't look OTT at all. I can't wait for the new holiday polishes to come out so I can try them!

Also, I never thought of using the Ridge Filler as a nail polish. It looks amazingly good! I definitely want to try this out next time. Thank you so much for the idea!

Ruthlessrocks said...

I got this too, even though a lot of bloggers were somewhat hard on this polish I think it's understated and pretty.

You are SO LUCKY to have longer nail beds, you can have short nails and still actually have nails to paint. My nail beds are so, so so tiny if I don't keep them relatively long they look awful with polish on

Zara said...

Very pretty! My favorite glitter is OPI Mad as a Hatter...closely followed by Absolutely Alice. The Burlesque glitters may edge their way in, though!

Grace said...

Sigh, this is totally "the one that got away". I dragged my feet on ordering stuff from this collection and then *poof* gone. It's gorgeous on you, though. I feel just the same way as you about glitter polishes, but this one manages to combine a pretty bold glitter and still look grown-up. Love it.

Grace said...

Okay... I just found a Holiday 2009 mini set on Amazon for $9, and it includes my other lemming from that collection - Shim-merry Chic (and two other polishes I'm sure I'll wear at some point). Thank goodness for minis!

Dori said...

I looooove Holiday Glow! I do however consider myself a glitter person. Glitter polish is what started my polish obsession and to this day, polishes with glitter and sparkle are still my favorite. Oddly enough, OPI's Burlesque collection just misses it altogether for me.. none of the glitters look sparkly, pretty, holiday, unique, etc enough for me. OPI's 2009 Holiday collection is my favorite all time collection (even though I only own 1/2 of them.. the 6 I do own are near and dear to my heart). I think Holiday Glow is my favorite in the collection (and one of my fav glitters) followed closely by Smitten w/Mittens and DearSanta

Lucy said...

That is so pretty. I had to look it up in my book to see if I had this. I do and I haven't worn it. Must dig this one out. Very pretty on you. I love glitters. I have a ton of them from China Glaze and Color Club. I couldn't even pick a favorite!

Katherine said...

Your P.S. made me LOL!

kittytokaren said...

@jaljen - You know what, I own MaaH! It's my one "crazy" glitter that I bust out for crazy club nights or my birthday or whatever. (Definitely wearing it for New Years this year...) And thank you - its just so amazing to realize that even one person bothers to click on a post. And comments are the best - I always feel so connected to people through this blog. I don't really share this passion with the people in my real life, so its really great. :)

@kileen - You're getting Burlesque? Oh and the ridgefiller idea - not mine! That was a classic MeganChair post! She = genius.

@ruthlessrocks - Agreed - I know it wasn't the most loved, but I think it is precisely because it is understated. And about nail beds - I used to *hate* my long nail beds. It always kind of looks like I have long nails (compared to my colleagues at least) and short nails are always so in and chic. But I've learned to deal with and even love them sometimes. :)

@Zara - Those Burlesque glitters are really stealing the spotlight this season!

@Grace - I thought this might be up your alley!! I'm so glad you could find it - I actually love the OPI minis - especially for toes.

@Dori - Hi there!! Are you my NB friend Dori?? I'm shocked that Burlesque isn't doing it for you! So many are so into it....but I agree - Holiday 2009 was amazing and tough to top...and I have to say, Smitten with Mittens is TDF! I wore it last holiday season and it was perfect.

@Lucy - Ahh you must try it! It's quite an understated glitter but just really...pretty. I don't think the pics do it justice at all.

@Katherine - Haha glad I could make you smile with my lameness....


Sandi said...

I don't like most out and out glitters either. Too rough of a finish, often too loud and a total PITA to get off. I do like the micro-glitters in jelly bases though, ChG's Ruby Slippers being perhaps the most popular. ChG's Stroll is my favorite though. Deep wine jelly with gold micro. Yum. Backed up.

Alison said...

This is beautiful on you. I passed on this one because brown based shades don't look right on me. I think I got Merry Midnight and Glove You So Much (love!) from this collection.

I preferred the Toyland collection of 2008 I got so many of those, most of which are still faves in my stash (Baby It's 'Coal' Outside, Brand New Skates and Ruby For Rudolph off the top of my head!).

I'm not really feeling the Burlesque collection though but like you I'm not so good with the glitters, I do own a few but don't wear them very often, mainly because I hate removing them.

Oh I just remembered I also really like Glamour Game from the Toyland Collection too!

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