Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sally Hansen fail, Icing win

The other day, I was in the mood for a little retail therapy. Thanks to CVS, my credit card and an extra thirty minutes before I was due in a meeting, I was able to partake in some. Credit also goes to Sally Hansen, for having a nice new display of dark colors that I assumed were from a new fall collection (now that I look at permanent displays, I think they were just designed to make me think they were new - no bueno, Sally Hansen) because one of my purchases was a lovely bottle of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Midnight in NY. It had been a rough week, and sadly it did not end with this polish.

Sally Hansen Midnight in NY

Please note that I said "lovely bottle," as the polish in the bottle was much lovelier than the polish on my nails. If it pleases the court, please note the above photo as Evidence #1: streaky application, VNL after two coats (for $8 a pop, I expect better) and NO GLITTER. That's right, I said GLITTER! There's glitter in that there polish, but WHERE IS IT? Evidence #2: Bottle photo -

THERE is the glitter! We found it! It's in the bottle! Of course it is, because why would I want it on my nail, making it look all lovely and everything? Why would I even expect the shiny, holo glitter effect that the appears so gorgeous in the bottle to ever be on my nails? Especially for $8! That is clearly something that I should have to pay $20 for, right?

Icing Blackout

INCORRECT, because THIS only cost me like $4 and it is lovely, black, dense holo MAGIC! See, Sally Hansen? Pretty bottle, pretty polish. This is Icing Blackout that I bought last winter, and it is what I wanted Midnight in NY to be, but it was not. So why did I bother to BUY Midnight in NY when I already had Blackout?

I don't want to talk about it. I just did. You know what I mean.

Happy day, all!

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Lucy said...

Nothing worse that this situation. I even hate to use that word because of that moron on Jersey Shore. I'm seeing his stupid mug on Dancing With the Stars. The icing polish is lovely. Nothing like a gorgeous holo to feel better.

Grace said...

Well, at least you've done a public service in alerting me to this polish's true nature, because I have admired the bottle so many times and probably would have eventually purchased it otherwise. CVS will take it back, won't they? Do they still do that cosmetics return thing?

Let them have Polish! said...

Ooh I just wore black out like three or four days ago. It was instant love! Love love love! A poo on SH haha!

Zara said...

Blackout is gorgeous! Hopefully you can return the SH?

Sarah said...

That's weird that yours turned out so streaky...I love this polish! It's opaque for me in 2 coats (they're not even that thick). The glitter's definitely there, but it's not overpowering, which is nice. I like the subtle take. To each his own, I suppose.

jbrobeck said...

what stood out to me in both mani's was your nailbeds. they look fabulous!

milan and vanaily said...

LOL, sigh. I went into denial when Midnight in NY didn't come out as expected. :(

I had high hopes, took me around 4 coats, if i recall properly.

hannagrrl said...

See, I have to respectfully disagree. I've had nothing but LUV for Midnight in NY. Granted, the first coat *does* go on rather stingily, but after I got use to the new brush I sing its praises.
If I can round up a photo, I can show you what it should look like.

I'm sorry it didn't work out for you! :(

extraH said...

See? THIS is why I love you ladies! A variety of opinion and experiences. Fabulous! (as the gum chick would say)

@Lucy- He is a moron, but I can't help but watch! Ha! I'm so glad that you love holos as much as me!
@Grace - Some seem to like it, so maybe it would work on you! I think I had high expectations going into it, so I might have ruined it for myself. If you're looking for easily seen glitter, this is not for you, though. I don't know about CVS, I always have return guilt. Ha!
@Let The Have Polish - exactly! : )
@Zara - maybe! Glad you like the Icing!
@Sarah - I'm so glad that you like it! To each his own, indeed.
@jbrobeck - why thank you, friend!
@milan - 4 coats! UGH! I would have feared that it would never dry! Oh well.
@hannagrrl - Good for you, chica! I love the big ol' brush, I have to say, it's was the color I was disappointed in. I'd love to see your photo! Happy polishing!

Anonymous said...

The Icing Blackout is such a gorgeous color! I love how the black is a bit translucent, and the glitter just makes it so much prettier!

Does anyone know where I can buy Icing nail polishes, or if there's a dupe of Blackout?

Anonymous said...

I've been a big fan of the SH complete manicure polishes, and Midnight in NY was on my wish list but I'll start searching for the Icing polish instead. Thanks for saving me a little money and a lot of buyers remorse :).

hannagrrl said...

I couldn't dig up a photo (because apparently I didn't have one!) so I threw some on and took a few snapshots with my camera - it's not a proper swatch, but it'll have to do fpr now.
This is two coats of Midnight in NY. Some wear, and no topcoat or cleanup.

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