Friday, September 17, 2010

Lippmann Collection - Bad Romance

Lady Gaga, you may be one crazy whack-a-doo when it comes to clothing choices and footwear (sky-high platforms in an airport? sister, please) but as long as you keep belting out tunes that make me sing along and inspiring polishes like this one, well, you're okay in my book.

Lippmann Collection - Bad Romance

As all of you know by now, Bad Romance is one of the Fall 2010 Collection polishes released as a Lippmann Collection lacquer along with its flashy sister, Across the Universe. A dark black jelly that is injected with two sizes of magenta glitter, this puppy is a showstopper, but not in the same ways as ATU. For one, the pigment is definitely heavier so less coats are required, and the glitter is a little more understated. Much like ATU, however, this is one striking polish! If i could live my life with only these two polishes, well... I wouldn't be ECSTATIC, but I certainly wouldn't be unhappy.

And once again, the price... well, it didn't feel fabulous sliding my credit card across the cool glass of the Nordstrom display case towards the cashier, but when this polish wore for five days WITHOUT A CHIP, well, that felt fabulous.

As for you, Lady Gaga -

Don't look now, but your shoes are very high AND YOU ARE IN AN AIRPORT.

Happy day, all!

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Braegan, Justin, and the Dogs said...

Love love LOVE. This one actually reminds me a lot of OPI's Merry Midnight- Lippman is darker but the glitter factor is very similar. Switched to MM last night and received countless compliments today- If anyone's looking for something cheaper but just as fabulous, check it out.

kelliegonzo said...

haha i could've fainted when i saw this pic. i swearrrrrr to lawd above that we are srsly nail twins! i have the same long nail beds as you! awesome :)

extraH said...

Sorry for the absence, ladies - it's been a HELLISH week!

@BJ&D - I have heard such good things about that polish, I might have to try and scare up a bottle! Thanks!

@Kelliegonzo - SISTAHS indeed! Two (long nail bedded) thumbs up for us! Ha!

Lucy said...

Love this gorgous shade. I have to get this polish.

Anonymous said...

I often wonder what kind of wedgies she must get sitting on planes.

As an aside, I wish we could get Deborah Lippmann polishes this side of the pond :(

- Holly (2nd year PhD, currently rocking CG secret peri-winkle).

Arrianne said...

I wonder what it's like to have to always be 'in character.' Either way the polish is pretty nice.

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