Saturday, September 4, 2010

Zoya Ivanka

Zoya, when you are good, you are AMAZING.

Please allow me to re-introduce to Zoya Ivanka, a gorgeous gem from the Zoya Sparkle Collection of Summer 2010. (Side Note: Summer, where did you go? How dare you pass me by so quickly?) A definite stand-out of the group, Ivanka is an incredible bright green foil-ish metallic that shines almost a gold color.

As lovely and breathtaking as this polish is, the super-win aspect of this polish to me is the WEAR. I know, I know, I talk about wear a lot even though I wear my polish for 48 hours at the most, but it really means a lot to me. I want to change my polish because I WANT to change it, not because it is a chippy, messy monster. That being said, here is what I did while wearing this polish, amongst other regular living activities: sanded three spackled walls, painted two walls, made 150 lbs of clay, cleaned two studios, cleaned my office and washed a monkey. Okay, I didn't wash a monkey, but I was so crazy busy that it is feasible that I did and do not remember. Anyway, all that and NO CHIPPING! None! Nothing! Simply amazing, I love it.

This is definitely a must-have. Does anyone out there love this as much as me?

Happy day, all!

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Justine said...

Zoya Ivanka is the only green in my stash that I love. I love sparkly foil-ish glass flecks and Ivanka is the perfect bright medium green. ChG Emerald Sparkle was too dark and not sparkly enough for me. (Yes, not sparkly enough! I wanted to love it, but I simply couldn't.) ChG Watermelon Rind is too blue for the green I want and most other greens I've encountered are too dark (almost black) or too light (too minty or pastel).

Zoyas wear beautifully for at least 7-10 days on me, which is the longest I'll go without a polish change. I find that Zoyas don't chip on me. After a week of wear and a hot shower, I delight in peeling off each nail in one clean sheet without causing any damage or little peelies to my nail plate. I use Zoya Get Even Ridge Filler whenever I wear Zoya and there's something about the basecoat or Zoya's color formula base that allows it to stay flexible and not chip or peel until I purposely pick at it and peel it off.

Thaisa said...

"Zoya, when you are good, you are AMAZING."

Extremely true! What an amazing green!

ChaosButterfly said...

LMAO @ washed a monkey!

Lucy said...

I enjoyed your post, it made me giggle! I love Ivanka also. Greens are my favorite and add that foil and I'm in love.

extraH said...

@Justine - Oh my gosh, you arte so lucky that you get such good wear from Zoyas! Maybe I need to break down and buy that basecoat. Argh!

@Thaisa - It IS true! Ha!!!

@ChaosButterfly - haha! We've all had those days, haven't we?

@Lucy - Oh, thank you so much! And yes, Ivanka is a winner in the green category!

Heidi said...

Ivanka is also one of my favourites. The colour is amazing, and the wear is truly remarkable. :)

I just noticed that I am wearing it in my profile picture. :D

Jeannie said...

Hmm, what base/topcoat did you use? It's crazy that you got such good wear out of this!

beachgal said...

I have liked this better for fall, holiday and St. Patty's day then for summer!

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