Sunday, October 24, 2010

Essie Demure Vixen and Pretty Edgy

I think Adrienne posted a photo of Pretty Edgy and Demure Vixen from this Essie collection months ago but I have this in my "to post" folder and so... I am posting it. Gosh, the beginning of spring seemed like such a short while ago...

Essie Pretty Edgy
I wish I had had more light for this; I remember it being brighter in person. I wore this for three days because my SO just adored this polish. He actually commented on it several times a day. Such a rich, vibrant, eye-catching green creme! I think I put on two coats but it needed three. This photo was taken on the third day of wear; as you can see, no big chips, nearly no tipwear with Gelous bc and Diamont tc. (I've had great luck with this bc/tc combo for B3F polishes. It's not super shiny after the first day but it lasts and lasts...)

Essie Demure Vixen
It's a very aptly named polish, I think. It's a dusty rose (the sort of color that seems old-ladyish and dull) but then it has this brilliant magenta/purple shimmer that shows up beautifully in the sun. I only wore it with two coats here since I kind of liked having it be semi-sheer. Not my style but I think it's a good alternative to a conservative look.

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Ping said...

I love Demure Vixen! Pretty Edgy looks cool too. Great swatches!

Lucy said...

Both of these polishes are beautiful. Greens are always my favorite. The purple shimmer in Demure Vixen is stunning. I wasn't going to buy it but now it's going on my list.

Spaceinvaders said...

Pretty edgy is stunning! ;D

Kathy said...

I'm lemming for the Demure Vixen. :-)

Ruthlessrocks said...

Demure Vixen was my real lemming from this collection too, and I own it and love it. Very subtle and pretty

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