Friday, October 8, 2010

Milani Juicy Glo

I think jelly polishes are my favorite type of polishes.  I love that they have that squishy look to them.  I don't even mind having a little bit of visible nail line when I use a jelly polish.  So when I saw Milani Juicy Glo at CVS recently, I knew I had to have it.  I immediately put it on when I got home and fell in love.  But when I realized that it was never going to DRY, I took it off in disgust and tossed it into my Helmer with a frown.

I did end up swatching it for you, though.  It's absolutely gorgeous and if I could sit around and avoid using my hands I'd wear it for more than an hour.  I used four coats and the formula was pretty nice, but after waiting an hour for it to dry and realizing it was still wet enough to slide off my nails, I knew it wouldn't end well.  I even tried layering two coats over silver and it wouldn't dry that way, either.

It's even more gorgeous in the sun.

I decided that I wanted to see what it looked like with some flakies and glitters on top so I dug through my Helmer drawers for some fun things to put on top.  Here are the polishes I chose:

I applied one coat of each (except for two coats of the Cover Girl) in the same order as above, from pinkie to index finger.  By the way, I ordered Pink Chloe from Cherry Culture, the Cover Girl is super old and I bought it about seven years ago, the Nfu-Oh came from and I got UFO at Walgreens.

I love how these look in the shade.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed!  Oh, and if you could recommend a relatively easy to find orange jelly polish for me, that would be great.  I love this look, but since it won't dry it's not going to work.

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Gina (Prim and Polished) said...

Perfect swatches as always Megan. Bummer it'd never dry... even with a top coat? It's gorgeous though!

Biba said...

It's pretty! And I love the Sinful UFO over it!

MeganChair said...

Yeah, even with Seche Vite! I was so bummed.

Sandi said...

Have you tried a quick dry besides Seche? Maybe there's a formula conflict between the two. I've actually had quite good luck with my Diamond Cosmetics Super Dry on several brands. And it's a whopping $2.50 for .43 ozs.

Zara said...

This is so juicy and pretty! Too bad it wouldn't dry. :( Unfortunately I don't have any good orange jelly suggestions...I'm looking for one myself.

Lucy said...

This is so pretty. What a shame it didn't dry. That so strange. Hope you can find something that will dry this.

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful. I don't know if it's a dupe, but Essie's Clambake is a very pretty tomato-red/orange sheer/jelly. With a coat of seche it would look very squishy. It's one of my favorite polishes, but the color is so bright I rarely get a chance to wear it.

Anonymous said...

You may also like Brucci's Donna-myte - it's a beautiful orange-red jelly.

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