Friday, October 8, 2010

Like A Camaro - Essie Midnight Cami

The other day I saw a dark blue Camaro driving down the highway next to me. Like a true polish nerd, I was instantly reminded of Essie Midnight Cami.

Midnight Cami claw:

See how it glows with tiny shimmer, just like car paint? (Ewww gross thumb...)

Midnight Cami is a polish I truly *love* and I couldn't believe that I hadn't blogged about yet, as I do wear it quite often. There is something about a navy blue with super pasty skin that just looks *awesome*. This is decidedly in the Genus "almost-black" that Piff has shown her love for in the past. However, if there is even a glimmer of white light, this baby takes off - just like a shiny Camaro down the interstate.

Do you ever look at cars and think of polish?


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Zara said...

I look at cars and think of polish all the time! Sometimes I think of an actual color, and sometimes I think, "I wish that was a nail polish color."

Midnight Cami looks awesome on you! I do think there's something about navy blue on pale skin (which I also have) that is inherently awesome...which is nice, because I love blue. :)

Unknown said...

I filed my nails more square than I usually do, and they look so much like yours right now! This color looks great on you. Do you know how it compares to Russian Navy, other than the absence of RN's teensy red shimmer?

Alison said...

I would love a polish that matches the deep magenta of the new Ford Ka and Fiestas, gorgeous!

I love Midnight Cami too but I haven't worn it in a while. I am going though a dark polish phase at the moment so i will probably get round to it soon! You're right, navy polishes look great on pale skintones, I have 3 Essie MC, Chanel Blue Satin and OPI Russian Navy and I love them all on me!

Grace said...

Oh no, your swatches have such a knack for making me crave the few Essies I don't already own! First Mink Muffs and now this one! I love navy blue polish (navy blue everything really, even my bridesmaids wore navy). It's so much chicer than black and it looks so much better with the majority of my wardrobe since I'm mainly a "brown accessories person" (shoes, boots, belts, handbags, etc.), especially for daytime.

I've admired this little bottle MANY times at the drug store (it appears to be part of the permanent collection now?). It might be time to pick it up, although at last count I had 19 little bottles in my "untried" pile... *cough cough* which now includes Holiday Glow... *cough cough* :)

TropicalChrome said...

"Do you ever look at cars and think of polish?"

Actually, I do it the other way around: I look at my nail polish and say "wow, I'd love to have a car painted that color!" I'm wearing Milani Black Cherry right now, and was just thinking how cool a sports car would look in it!

Hook Prism Power said...

Navy polishes are always so classy and beautiful!

Lucy said...

I love navy polish. This is a beauty. I have an old navy creme from Bath & Body Shop. It's just the perfect shade for me. Wish I knew who made it. It has their label so no luck with the original manufacturer. I did find a polish by NYC that looks pretty close. Very pretty on you.

Sandi said...

LOL, my DH's '69 Camaro got painted a red he pulled out of my polish stash.. I love Midnight Cami and YES! Milani's Black Cherry would be a beautiful color on a car. I mostly think, oooh, this polish would be great on a car. I want a car, any car, in Diamond Cosmetics Cherry Tobacco.

Anonymous said...

OMG This post is so true. Liz and I always see cars (among other things) and say "I want that color in polish!" Or we determine that we do, in fact, already have that color in polish. So true.

-Lauren from Death By Polish

kittytokaren said...

@Zara - There is something really magical about dark blue right? And I love that car paint finish...

@Katherine - Ha! Nail twins! Russian Navy is my other favourite dark blue polish! I feel like RN gives more of a velvety look, whereas this is definitely car-paint esque. Maybe to an outsider the difference is subtle, but to me its enough to own both! Love them both, and every time I wear RN I get compliments...from men!!

@Alison - Haha we have the same dark blue collection! Except I don't have Blue Satin - would love to though... And that deep magenta would be gorgeous.... Oh and I'm in *such* a vampy mood right now as well!

@Grace - I am such a terrible/wonderful influence it seems!! I hope that my recommendations don't steer you wrong! I think you'd like this, because like you said, I think its a pinch more wearable than black. And if you love navy already....c''s waiting for you!

@TropicalChrome - You know what you're right - because polish comes in *way* more interesting colours than cars do!! Hmm...if I had to pick a polish colour to be my car paint I might actually choose this one (Midnight Cami!) or maybe Chanel Kaleidoscope.

@Let them have polish - Totally agree. Glad you liked it :)

@Lucy - Is your polish shimmery or a creme? I'd love to help you find a dupe!

@Sandi - Haha so that polish really IS "like a camaro"!! How funny!! Which red was it that he chose? Oh and Cherry Tobacco would be a great car colour!

@deathbypolish - Hi friend! Love your blog btw!


Sandi said...

K2K, he chose my absolute favorite red creme. It's a really old (the original I believe) Cover Girl NailSlicks 520 Classic Red. A true red with an almost jelly finish. They reformulated the color 12 to 15 years ago and now it's slightly lighter, more...pinkish? So I hoard the last third of my last original bottle. I think it's what fuels my addiction to reds, hunting the perfect dupe.

kittytokaren said...

@Sandi - That is so awesome!! Did he know it was your fav??? Hehe and you know whats great? If you don't have the polish with you, you can check the car to see if its a dupe match! I love this story so much, thanks for sharing. :)


Sandi said...

K2K, he actually found it in the cabinet where I had stashed it away from the rest of my collection for protection (polish loving niece). I don't think it ever occurred to him to wonder why it was there. A man on a mission I guess, lol. I threatened him with eternal pain if it failed to come home undamaged from the place he was having the paint matched. I wonder if he believed me? ;o)

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