Sunday, October 17, 2010

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Fall 2010: Part I of II

This quarter is insanely busy with new experiments (and finishing up several old experiments). I feel so behind on swatching: I still need to do the rest of the Color Club Untamed Luxury, Barielle Style in Argyle... and there's, of course, all the piCture pOlish that I have left to swatch. Ahhh! So little time, so many pretties! My goal for the rest of this month: finish up the collection swatches that I have already started. I know it's really annoying to readers to have to wait so long between posts of whole collections so I'm trying my best to keep up... :)

But here are some more swatches from a collection I have not been able to finish swatching yet... a selection of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics new Fall 2010 colors, sent to me to review.

OCC Trick
This is one of my favorite pink cremes. But it's described as beige. Because it looks beige in the bottle and will probably look beige on beige-r people. Me, I'm not so beige. Tan and yellow, and this is what happens when I put on pink-leaning beiges. (If I put on a polish that looked this warm and pink in the bottle, I guarantee it will look bad on me. But put on a polish that looks more beige... and I get my perfect pink.) Also, this was an awesome polish: two coats and so smooth! This was taken on second or third day of wear.

OCC Souse
I admit, I did groan when I saw this polish. It looked like a boring purplish pink creme. But it has subtle warm golden shimmer that really adds something special. This was a wonderful surprise for me. Also, two coats.

This polish was a nightmare. Thick, very sheer, impossible to build up effectively to get rid of VNL. One coat would drag the previous one off. I love this neon blue color but it was a HUGE pain to apply and then it bubbled like crazy because it was so thick and hard to apply neatly. (NOT at all helped by the messed up brush.) Three coats and it came off as soon as I took the pic. (It was originally supposed to be an NOTD but I could tell it would just never dry.)

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Kimberly said...

Souse!! I pick that as my fav. And the blue, meh, not to wild about the color anyway.

Zara said...

Ooh, I really like Souse! I like the color of Rx - too bad it's so sheer. Maybe it would work over white?

kelliegonzo said...

that sucks that RX didn't work out for you! i LOVED it and didn't find it hard to work with at all :/ sorry chica!

sayablack said...

Woow,I adore the first pink color!!!

*sayablack from TOKYO*

Beck said...

Normally, as a pharmacist, I'd want Rx just for the name... but not only would it be strictly toe-only for me, your discussion of the formula completely put me off. Money saved for more polish, I suppose :)

Rachel said...

I love that "beige" color. I have the same problem with pinks, having yellowish asian skin too. Too bad I can only get these online!

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