Sunday, October 17, 2010

Zoya Tallulah

Sky blue shimmer, what is not to love?

Zoya Tallulah was one of my first Zoya polishes ever, and boy is she a winner. Sky blue with a light blue shimmer, this is a lovely cool polish that really pops in the sunlight. Check out the shimmer!

I know, I know, not the greatest photo ever, but I tried. The only issue I ever had with this polish was with the wear; until I discovered Zoya Armor, I struggled to get my Zoyas to last a day. Now that I am armed with armor (pun intended) I'm good to go!

Have any of you had good luck with the Zoya base and top coats?

Happy day, all!

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Zara said...

Gorgeous! I haven't tried the Zoya base and top coats, but Zoya polishes have always worn well on me without them. It's so odd how polishes wear differently on different people...

Lucy said...

I swear nothing works for me. I always get some tip wear or a chip in a few days. I did try Zoyas Armor. I do use Zoya Ridge Filler which I do like. Talluah is a beauty! I just put in a huge order with Zoya. Ahhhh, my wallet! It's my birthday sson and it's my present to myself. That's my excuse.

Spaceinvaders said...

Nice blue! :D

Apriltini said...

I love Get Even, but haven't had good results with Armor. I don't have the patience to wait for it to dry, so I've used the Qtica drying drops, and often get bubbles. Essie To Dry For works great, though. I can't get any polish to last more than three days, which is fine, because I get bored with them after two and change them anyway. :D

MissMarlboro said...

I'm in love with this *o*
But Zoya doesn't ship to Italy :(

extraH said...

@Zara - I totally agree, and I'm glad you have such good luck with Zoya!

@Lucy - Happy early birthday and I hope you enjoy your new Zoyas!

@Spaceinvaders - thank you, I agree!

@Apriltini - I get bored, too, but I understand your frustration in trying to find products that work for you. Good luck!

@MissMarlboro - I'm sorry! Can you get China Glaze easily? I think Blue Sparrow is a close match.

Jenny$1983 said...

I find Anchor and Armor work wonderfully with Zoya's own polishes (by which I mean wear like *iron*), and fairly well with other brands. I don't find Armor that slow drying (and yes I do frequently use Seche Vite), and I like its shine. I always try to use brand-matching base and top coats anyway, it always seems to make for a long lasting manicure. That's just me, anyway :)

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