Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sick but at least I have some new Barry Ms... almost didn't get them though!

Went to class. Went to university health services. Was given codeine and an albuterol inhaler for my New and Improved Cough from Hell. From previous experience with old versions of the Cough from Hell, I know that neither puts a dent into my lungs' over-excitability.

Was not particularly cheered up when I came home to a package wrapped in a plastic bag with this stamped on it several times. (Don't worry, this story has a happy ending.)

Now, I've ordered from Barry M before. When I ordered before, I had such a nightmarish experience -- weeks upon weeks of waiting, charging me for stock that they did not ship and worst of all, horrible CS and money wasted calling the UK because they did not answer my emails -- I swore I would NEVER order again. Then they came out with the crackle polish and the Chanel Paradoxal dupe and I gave in. But I wasn't particularly surprised when this package came in this condition. With the following note:

I actually REALLY like the United States Postal Office. I've sent and received about a thousand packages and I can count on ONE hand how many times they've lost or broken anything. (And the broken things usually are due to poor packaging.) In this case... well, first of all, it wasn't great packaging to begin with but WOW. How DID this package even get to me?

I almost didn't have to blur out my name and address; I could barely read it! Did someone put this face down in dirt and stomp on it? And then take a knife to it and tear it apart? A lot?

Here's the side view: completely split open.

And let's talk packaging, okay? When sending something to the next town -- let ALONE to the next continent -- you make sure the objects are secure and glass is well packaged: this means not letting the glass bang up against one another. What does Barry M do? Five polishes, one small ripped up piece of bubble wrap. (Well, it probably wasn't ripped before some sadist at the American or British post office concentrated all their pent up fury on it...)

How on earth did anything get to me intact? How did EVERYTHING get to me intact? It's seriously a miracle. Must be the thick glass of the bottles... which apparently, Barry M depends on. Because otherwise, I don't know how their stuff doesn't get broken more often in transit.

Happily, though... everything DID get to me. From left to right: Acid Yellow, Dusky Mauve (Paradoxal dupe), Lemon Ice Cream, Silver Cascade (which looks wonderful in the bottle) and Nail Effects (read: CRACKLE!)

Now to douse myself with codeine. And maybe put the Nail Effects over my Zulu mani. Although it would probably look much better over a brighter color.

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Megan Harmeyer said...

I am amazed that those came to you in one piece! By the looks of that first picture, I was sure that was the inside of the package where a bottle had broken and leaked all over. Now I want that Chanel dupe, but not after reading about 2 horrible Barry M experiences.

Zara said...

Wow...I am amazed that any of those arrive unbroken, much less all of them!

Adjua said...

I can't wait for you to swatch the dusky mauve :-)

Mistress Zombie said...

What a horrid company for packaging things in such a way. I wouldnt order from them even if they had an amazing polish. Someone or something must have wanted you to have your polish girl.

PolishSis said...

When my alarm goes off in the morning I like to read some blogposts while laying in bed before I get to the shower. This morning I read your blogpost and I was actually shocked to see how your package was treated during handling. It's a miracle they survived!!!

LisaInFL said...

the package looks like it was run over! can't believe there weren't casualties!

Lucy said...

I ordered from Barry M once and had no problem. Got here wrapped nicely and in a timely manner. You must have gotten the package from a person who didn't care how they packed it. Maybe a handwritten letter to Barry M would get more attention than an email. Sure hope your feeling better. I know you can get asthma from a bad upper respitory infection. That's what happened to me. Whenever I get a cold with the cough I can't stop coughing. I need the albuterol to stop the spasming of my lungs. It's horrible and I pray you get some medication to work for you.

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