Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Simply White - OPI Time-less is More

I know MeganChair already posted her OPI Time-less is More manicure, but I wanted to show you mine as well!

I've noticed a lot of people talking about this one lately for whatever reason, and it inspired me to whip mine out again. (Plus its gotten hot here again - what!? - and something lighter seemed suitable...)

This one reminds me of freshly-laundered pillows or billowy clouds - its definitely white, but its a jelly so it never looks chalky. You do have to use quite a few coats to achieve the look above (I believe I used 4 here), but I really think that the soft, clean payoff is worth it! The OPI ProWide brush (aka my lovah) makes multi-coat application pretty simple.

Time-less is More was recently discontinued by OPI, so I've seen it on clearance in quite a few places. (I bought a back-up for dirt cheap just in case!)

Sometimes less really is more, and all you want to do is wear a simple white T-shirt, stud earrings, put your hair in a ponytail, and walk out the door. I think this polish exemplifies this feeling perfectly. :)


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Zara said...

This looks like the perfect white! I'll keep an eye out for it on Trade Secret's clearance table next time I get a chance.

rmcandlelight said...

I absolutely love this polish. Because it's a jelly and it gives a nice crisp clean look. it's my go to if I don't want color on my nails :) It looks great on you! :D

nail crazy said...

Ofice friendly color,nice one :-)

Katherine said...

What about pants?? :-P I love this color. I have Essie Waltz, which is similar but maybe not quite as opaque.

Megan Harmeyer said...

That's such a great color. What is it about the OPI names? I get it, it's just that it seems like they're trying too hard to be funny.

kittytokaren said...

@Zara - Yes, do! I really enjoy it!

@rmcandlelight - Exactly - its all squishy and lovely but not too harsh, but really clean. And thanks!!

@nail crazy - Yup! Sometimes I want or need to be less 'nail crazy'! ;)

@Katherine - Pants?! Who needs pants...you've got on earrings! Waltz is a lot like this one actually - it will also go a little more opaque with a bazillion coats :)

@Megan Harmeyer - You know, some days I think the silly names are cute and charming, and some days they just annoy me... All of the ones with "Suzi" in the name bother me every day.


hermetic said...

just beautiful and clean, sometimes it is needed, I need a white jelly

Mel said...


I bit my nails for 25 years and have been stopped now for about 6 months, my nails are surprisingly strong and I'm just starting to get into polishes.

I have never commented before but do read this blog and my jealousy has finally got the better of me - how do you all achieve such perfect mani's?

Is there a trick to getting that crisp edge around the 'finger' end of the nail, or is it just practice?

I'd love to know your secrets!


Aurora's Nails said...

I agree with Zara, it's like the perfect white!

kittytokaren said...

@hermetic - Yes, you do! There is something very soothing about it...

@Mei - Hi there new nail friend!! Congrats on quitting the biting habit - I know that is a hard one to break. I was never a biter, but a chronic cuticle-picker, and it was a tough habit to break. Polishes are a great way to keep up your new and good habits! There are definitely tricks to getting your polish neat - part of it is practice, part of it is "clean-up". The lovely MeganChair posted her classic clean-up tutorial here:


I do have to say though, sometimes I don't need to do this. With some polishes and brushes, I can get neat application without cleaning up at all - practice makes perfect! But most times I just swipe the brush around the edge to crisp it up. I'm no super expert though - with runnier polishes I often do a lot in clean-up! If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!!

@Aurora - I agree with both of you! It's my fav :)


JNGMD said...

where have you seen this beauty on sale? i'd love to get my hands on it (especially at a discount!)

Lucy said...

Very pretty clean manicure. I like the ProWide brush, aka your "lovah". I'd add a nice pair of well fitting jeans and it's a perfect look.

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