Thursday, October 21, 2010

Swapper's Remorse...Redeemed! - OPI Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees

Those who know me best know that I'm a chronic purger - everything from polish & make-up to pots & pans. I don't keep clothes if I don't wear them in 12 months (cocktail and gala dresses being the exception), I don't keep things I don't use or need, I don't hoard, I don't collect.

Swapper's remorse is an odd thing - a special kind of regret that comes from trading a polish away...and then realizing that it's the perfect polish for that very moment and nothing else will do! You'd think after all my purging and swapping that I would have experienced this by now, but this was my first serious case of swapper's remorse!

I swapped away OPI Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees a while back. For what reason I don't know. And then I wanted it back in my life in a very bad way...luckily the beautiful thing that is swapping brought back to me what I had lost! I was able to get my hands on it again and I put it on immediately:

I thought it looked pretty cool with my Pradman onyx ring (You can buy them HERE - I have a bunch! Love!), so I put my fears aside to show you a full hand pic!

Ahhhh embarassing to show you my whole feels weird. My nails are quite "long" (for me) here, but I didn't bother cutting them down - I was just so desperate to put on SSitP!

The colour of this one is a dark, smoky grey with a blue undertone that verges on the cusp of being black. It also has one of the more interesting textures I've seen - the same consistency of Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow from the same collection. It's jelly-ish, but in the first layer you can see that it's kind of...grainy? I'm not sure how to define it, but it's not rough at all and the final result isn't splotchy or anything. To be honest I really like it! I'd like more polishes with this consistency.

Have you ever had swapper's/purger's remorse??? Were you able to get the polish back?


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Twister said...

Nice color. Glad you reunited with it.

Varnish Vixen said...

Hahaha! I am just like this regard. I throw out clothes if I haven't worn them all season and I gift away nail polishes like mad. I must be the only polish lover who is proud not to have a helmer! Anyways...I usually always get remorse...le sigh. You'd think I'd learn!

Let them have Polish! said...

I have the same issue with clothes. I get rid of stuff but then randomly I'll be putting together an outfit and I want what I gave away... I have not swapped yet but I know I'll probably have some of that going on once I start doing so lol.

Grace said...

I'm usually a purger as well, especially with clothes, but for some reason I never chuck out a polish. I actually bought SSITP and Here Today Aragon Tomorrow at the same time, but about a year after they were released. I don't know why I waited so long. Further, I'm not sure why SSITP is still in my untried pile. I guess I'll have to rectify that situation in the near future!

I love it when polish blogs give me a "lemming" for a polish I already own. It's so much easier on my wallet.

ChaosButterfly said...

This is pretty!! I was lemming it for so long and then finally bought it a while back.

As for swapper's remorse...nope, not ever.
I definitely hoard my nail polish and generally will move heaven and earth to avoid getting rid of it.
And when I do swap, I make sure that it's a color that I really don't want, have a backup bottle of, or have another polish in my stash that is really similar to it.
Or I go to the store, buy the polish that my swapmate desires, and give them that one.

Alison said...

I get rid of clothes if I haven't looked at them in last 12 months!

I have Suzi Ski's somewhere, btu didn't like it on me. It looks great on you! If you ever want a back-up bottle just get in touch and you can have mine!

féline-alizarine said...

Yes! I swapped away my Essie Jelly Apple with an infamous MUAer, and I have terrible regrets for more than one reason! And I haven't located a new bottle yet...

Lucy said...

I've never actually done a swap. I don't like to get rid of polish. I know there are some that I don't like much but still.... That is a lovely shade. I don't think I have it. Glad you were able to get it back.

kittytokaren said...

@Twister - Thank you, and me too!

@Varnish Vixen - I too am very proud to not have a Helmer!! I want to have a small enough collection so I feel like I can enjoy them all! Small stash pride! :)

@Let them - Oh no :( I've never had that regret with clothes! How awful!!!

@Grace - Lemmings where you just have to shop your own stash are the best kind! What do you think of HTAT? I really like it and will probably be showing it soon, but I know not that many people love it.

@ChaosButterfly - Thank you! And just many polishes do you have?

@Alison - Aww thanks friend!!

@feline-alizarine - Oh no...I hope its not the MUAer that I'm thinking of...

@Lucy - Another non-swapper! This has been really interesting! And thanks - I'm happy I got it back too!


Grace said...

Re: HTAT - It is very dark, so I can see where a lot of people might be disappointed by the "almost blackness" of it, but that's actually one of the things I like about it. In my office, it just looks like a vampy dark polish, but *I* know it's green. I'm so subversive, LOL.

I was actually wearing HTAT when I received my RBL Tudor housewives polishes, and I took off Aragon and replaced it with Anne. I was like "ooooh, it's fate!" and then I scolded myself for being such a giant geek.

faerieberry said...

I LOVE those rings!! Thanks for sharing the link. : )

I just told someone on MUA that I'd like to start emulating your collecting style. I went berserk acquiring polishes last year, and now I am trying to purge ~200 -- it's so hard to do, but I'd like to contain my stash in just one Helmer. I haven't had swapper's remorse yet, but I know it can't be as bad as the remorse I have when I get rid of clothing, especially vintage.

I used to be the buy one article give three away type, but now I am buying higher quality (I want a wardrobe full of APC staples) so it's harder to justify getting rid of things. But oh how I miss all my 1970s hippie maxi skirts that I was ill-advised by my Jil Sander-wearing friends to give away..

rmcandlelight said...

Love the color...your nails are so perfectly shaped :)

kittytokaren said...

@Grace - LOL!! Nail polish + history = hilariousness!!!

@faerieberry - You're so welcome! I adore these rings....the labradorite is probably my favourite...I'm going to get the earrings! And I'm so flattered you want to emulate my collecting style! I really do find that I enjoy my stash when its smaller. Purging is hard - you have to be ruthless. I feel so accomplished after I do it and it's addictive! I'm really sorry about your hippie skirts!! :( Definitely a lesson in sticking to your own guns, eh?

@rmcandlelight - Oh my far from perfect, but thank you!!


Sandi said...

I have a little four drawer cabinet that holds maybe half as much as a Helmer (call it 300). When it's full, I'm either going to have to learn to let some go, (Maybe if I give them to my niece I can get them back if I'm desperate? lol) or quit buying polish. Like that's going to happen.

Jelly Apple!? You let go of Jelly Apple??? And I'm dying to know who the infamous MUA'er is. ;O) <--- big nose.

kittytokaren said...

@Sandi - I also feel limited by my storage....I don't have a Helmer or anything, but I have these little stacking units that hold about 100 np. When that gets close to full, I purge. I'm at that point now....but the problem is I really like them all!! I'm going to have to go through, especially the untrieds, and be ruthless!


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