Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ulta Ultra Violet - A Car Accident Color

I thought I would like this color. I thought it would be bright and vivacious, lovely and girly.

Little did I know that I would LOVE it!

Not only is this a neon purple/pinkish color, but it goes on like a dream in three coats and it has a blue shimmer to it! The shimmer was evident in the bottle, but I figured that it would probably disappear on the nail like some other polishes I know (I'm looking at you, Sally Hansen). I'm proud to say that it did NOT. It was so incredible to look at that I've informally designated it A Car Accident Color - you know, a color so awesome that you tend to look at it more than, say, the street while you are driving. Did I say that? I mean... never mind.

And since we know how I feel about layering, here she is with Nfu Oh 54 and OPI's Catch Me In Your Net -

The Nfu Oh just added to the shimmer and the OPI took on a slightly purplish tinge that was lovely, adding to the Car Accident-ness of this mani.

Anybody else have any Car Accident Colors?

Happy day, all!

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The Princess said...

Love the Ulta color.

Jammies said...

My car accident color is Color Club Wild at Heart. Nothing like a purple holo on my fingertips to make me look at the steering wheel instead of other cars!

Megan Harmeyer said...

My car accident color is ChG 2nite. I loves me a good holo!

Ksyu Style said...

Very nice pink color

Lucy said...

That is a pretty polish. Every holo and flakie is a car accident color!

Apriltini said...

Mine is Zoya's Hayden. It's similar to Ultra Violet, with the hot pink and the blue shimmer.

Sandi said...

Car accident color , yeah, I've got several. Any lovely color that morphs from merely very pretty to OMG in sunlight. Good thing I live in Western Wa where it rains a lot or it would be scary, lol.

Katy said...

Is it the same as Color Club Ultra Violet?

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