Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A festive combo - OPI DS Glow meets OPI Dazzled by Gold!

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With the holiday season swiftly approaching, it seems to be an appropriate time to start trying out some more festive manicures. This mani is putting me in a holiday spirit - which is nice seeing as I will probably be working in the lab over the holidays...

Also this is two of my favourite polishes combined, so how could it be bad right?!

This is OPI DS Glow (see it on its own here) with one coat of OPI Dazzled by Gold (click here to see "the precious" solo) on top.

Oooo sparkly...

and reflective...

By adding a coat of Dazzled by Gold overtop, the red-tone in DS Glow is dampened, which I think makes it more flattering and definitely amps up the "gold" factor.

Even though I will probably be predictable and go with OPI Smitten with Mittens for Christmas and OPI Mad as a Hatter for New Year's (*gasp* k2k would wear a full-0n glitter!?!?!? Yes...on New Year's :P), I'm really loving this 24-karat combo.

Do you have your holiday manicures picked out already? What are they?


P.S. Congratulation to Piff for finally getting her hands on OPI Dazzled by Gold!!! I no longer feel guilty for posting this. :)

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Stephanie said...

It's my birfday today and I decided to wear Dazzled By Gold :) It's one of my favorites.

Grace said...

Well, considering I've got Paradoxal on my nails now and no plans of changing it before tomorrow, I guess it's my Thanksgiving mani.

Even though I never wear glitters under normal circumstances, the holidays are the time to give it a try so I'm going to take the chance to finally bust out some of the glitters in my stash. What? I said I don't WEAR glitters, I never said I don't buy them anyway :)

For Christmas, I'm thinking of layering CG Party Hearty over Swing Baby (from the last collection).

For New Years, one of the new OPI glitters. Probably the greenish one - Glow...something. Can't remember.

Rose Sélavy said...

Ahh, I love it. Golden nails rule. :>

Silva said...

Holy sparkles! I love this color!

kittytokaren said...

@Stephanie - Just saw your post!! Happy Birthday and great choice :) :)

@Grace - Paradoxal = great Thanksgiving mani. (Or any day. I just love that one.) Hehe I'm the same way with glitters - I have a couple but only bust them out on holidays, my birthday, or a trip to Vegas. I like your holiday combos a lot!

@Rose - Agreed!

@Silva - Glad you like it!! :)


Lucy said...

Just love that polish. Looks gorgeous on you. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I need to do my nails bad! They are so chipped.

Piff said...


ILU. Gorgeous look.

How thin is your dazzled by gold? Mine needs 3 coats at least. Is this wrong?

omgnoodles said...

Oh, nice color combo! For Christmas time, I'm excited to use China Glaze Party Hearty! I think I'll pull out my Mad As A Hatter polish too!

Happy Thanksgiving! :)

sparris said...

I too am leaning towards Smitten with mittens for Christmas, and I really want to go all out for New Year's since I'll be working night...and nothing makes work better than some really OTT bling to stare at :D

HappytPumpkin said...

I tried Phat santa, with winter wonderland over it and it never dried... 4 hours later it was still gooey so I took it off. Now I have Party Heart over White polish. I will see what colors I get for Christmas, hopefully some good sparkles from Burlesque for new year

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