Thursday, November 25, 2010

MAC Ming Blue

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in America! And happy Thursday to everyone else!

Ming Blue is color from MAC's Fall/Winter nail polish collection that was released back on August. It is a vibrant blue with fuchsia and aqua shimmer. The shimmer is undetectable most of the time, except it really sparkles in the light like in the first picture. I'd say the second picture taken in natural light is the most color accurate.

Went on perfectly with two coats and dried pretty fast, actually all of the MAC polishes I have dry pretty fast. This was the last polish I bought out of the Fall/Winter collection. I have to say, the only thing I have an issue with is the poor durability of the polish after a day of normal wear. I usually don't get much tip wear from a mani until maybe day 4 or 5, but with MAC polish, no doubt after day 1 I get tip wear. Sad, but not saying I won't continue to purchase.

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Danny said...

I love blue polishes!!!
But MAC is not my first choice for polish!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful color!! :D

omgnoodles said...

Ohh, this is a nice color!

Zara said...

This is a gorgeous blue!

Lucy said...

I haven't bought any MAC polishes or makeup in over a year. But I broke that with the Disney collection and ordered Ming Blue. I haven't worn it yet. Haven't been in a blue polish mood. It's a beauty.

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