Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Lil' Bit Vampy - OPI A Man in Every Port-ugal

Another classic - to me.

It's definitely starting to feel chilly around here - the wind has become crisper, a coat is now a necessity, and the soothing warmth of my electric blanket makes it near impossible to want to get out of bed. This feeling tends to inspire me to wear darker, sexier, more brooding polishes - 'vampies' if you will.

In the vein of other classic vampies so loved in colder seasons, such as Chanel Rouge Noir, OPI Vampire State Building, and Essie Wicked (the list goes on...), this polish offers that darkest-of-reds sexy vampiness - but with an added twist!

I had a horrendously hard time capturing it on film, but this polish has the most interesting blue microshimmer. Sure, no one else but me would know, but I do know, and I love it!

Secret shimmer aside, this is just gorgeous. When it comes to deep deep red cremes, this is always the one I choose. I gave up my Chanel Rouge Noir in favour of this, and even when new ones come out, like this Winter's Essie Masquerade Belle, I decide on this.

What is your go-to dark red vampy?


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Aurora's Nails said...

Blue microshimmer that's amaaazing! I don't have a very vampy red really, and I'm not quite sure why. That electric blanket sounds sooo nice. It's not terribly cold here, but it's raining, so it feels freezing out!

Kara said...

ooo! Pretty! And...I don't have one either somehow XD! Well...I have one, Essie Berry Hard, though I think it's a little lighter.

Grace said...

I'm in the same boat - I don't think I have a vampy red. I love it on you, but I think it's not right for my skin tone. I actually do have a polish called Vamp Red, but it's not very vampy at all... pretty much just red. All my vampies tend to be of the purple or burgundy variety - Siberian Nights, William Tell...OPI, LPAD, Essie Sole Mate.

kittytokaren said...

@Aurora - Mmmm I'm back in my electric blanket's been rainy here too! It makes everything miserable...

@Kara - I agree I think Berry Hard is lighter - but still very pretty!!

@Grace - Gah really!? I always thought dark red of some kind was a staple. Maybe I was mistaken! But I *love* your vampy choices though! I've been loving William Tell and Sole Mate lately!


Sandi said...

Creme would be ChG's Ravishing Dahling or CND's Decadence. Shimmer would be ChG's Branding Iron or Diamond's Cherry Tobacco. At least, that's what they are at the moment, lol.

kittytokaren said...

@Sandi - Nice choices! :)

Alison said...

I love Essie Wicked and I have recently got Chanel Rouge Noir which I haven't worn as a full Mani. I also really like Chanel Vamp 'cos I'm a sucker for shimmer.

I tend to lean more towards blackened plum and purple colours though like Chanel Gondola and Steel, OPI Linoln Park After Dark and Essie Velvet Voyeur.

I also love blacks (Chanel Steel, OPI Baby It's Coal Outside and Black Satin), I just love my Vampies!

Lucy said...

Vampies are always so beautiful. It's always hard when a new one appears to not buy it. I'm a Vampire State Building girl. One of the first OPI's that I bought when I started to wear polish again. It was also the end of my neutral polish period.

sparris said...

For many years my one and only vampy was Mavala's Las Vegas, after I rediscovered nail polish in a big way earlier this year I found OPI Royal Rajah Ruby and also find myself drawn to dark browns, preferably with shimmer. =)

Karina said...

This polish is forever in my Top 10.

kittytokaren said...

@Alison - Wicked & Rouge Noir are such classics! I'm surprised you didn't have RN before actually! Oh and since you like plums, I think you might like Essie Sole Mate a lot. :) Hope you're doing well lovely!

@Lucy - I so agree - vampies are gorgeous and sexy! I've never been able to get my hands on trying to do that I ended up with AMiEP, and I really like it. I'm jealous though! I'd love to see VSB pics!

@sparris - Oh my goodness I literally *just* got OPI Royal Rajah Ruby and it looks gorgeous. Do you like it?? And I think dark browns are really gorgeous and sophisticated!

@Karina - Aww yay! Really??? It's definitely become a staple for me!


sparris said...

I LOVED it! It looks especially good in low sun <3

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