Friday, November 5, 2010

Some Claire's foil swatches, Part I of II

I bought a set of six mini foil polishes from Claire's four months ago for about $6.50 (it was on sale from $12.50). They are unnamed.

Light green foil. Three coats. Some cuticle drag.

Silver foil. Really nice coverage in two coats. Reminds me a lot of the silver Orly Foil FX polish (the name is escaping my memory currently).

Magenta foil. Three coats. Nice but I'm unmoved by it.

The rest of the set will be posted tomorrow. :)

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Aurora's Nails said...

I really like that green foil! It reminds me of something; I can't think of what it reminds me of, though...weird.

Lucy said...

I like these three. They are pretty.

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