Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sally Hansen Thinking of Blue vs. Ulta Moody Blues - Dupes, ladies!

Ladies, I feel like I just found Waldo, a fat free peanut butter that I enjoy and perfect fitting jeans all at the same time... because I just found my first dupe!

Might I present to you this lovely polish, Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Thinking of Blue:
This was a loaner from a friend, and I have to say that I was surprised by this one! I thought I would like it, but it really surpassed all my expectations - it applied like butter, was a great opacity in two coats and I just LOVE the indigo shade of this one. After it was dry and I was inspecting some of my untrieds, I came upon THIS:

Ulta Moody Blues, and it's a dupe-dupe-dupe! Wooot! I don't have to go out and buy this one, because I basically already own it. Win! Shown above is Sally Hansen on all of my nails except for my ring finger, and that's all Moody Blues.

This is seriously a lovely color, and I don't think I can imagine a skin tone that it wouldn't flatter. Who else owns one of these indigo beauties?

Happy day, all!

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Lolaa said...

I don't have any of them both, but they have a gorgeous colour for sure, it suits your nails perfectly :)

rmcandlelight ( said...

I love this shade of blue :)

xtinaaj said...

Lovely! Do you by any chance know if its similar to Bermuda Breakaway from China Glaze?

mKat said...

I don't own Bermuda Breakaway but I do own Calypso Blue and Moody Blues. Bottle-wise they are almost identical. (I haven't yet worn MB though so I can't say with 100% accuracy.)

Frankenstyna said...

I need to go out and buy one of these! I usually prefer Sally Hansen, so I will probably go with that one.

Geo58 said...

Wow! A perfect dupe and by ULTRA Moody Blues. I really love Sally Hansen nail products and this blue looks amazing on your nails, I need to get this one for myself, LOL Good your nail polish matches the Sally Hansen brand!

Sheilah said...

The SH looks like it applied a lot better and with a nicer finish than the Ulta too.

I have to say, I am becoming rather disheartened with Ulta NP, seems like they are always thick, I have had to thin every single one thus far and I tend to want to do thicker coats anyways. Of the ones I own I've had the handles come apart on more than half. The black square plastic piece completely separates from the screw on clear plastic.

Guess I'll have to run after a few bottles of the SH Thinking of Blue because I love the color and in fact own Moody Blues but rarely wear it because of the effort it takes to apply evenly.

Sheilah said...

Side note, it looks SO FREAKIN' AWESOME with SH HT over it, the blue is the perfect background for the opal like reflections in HT.

I tend to wear it a lot with a thin coat of Nfu-Oh 52 as well. It reminds me of a fantasy world lake.

Zara said...

I don't have either of these, but I want one you know how similar they are to Essence Underwater?

Lucy said...

Hope I have the Sally Hansen polish. I love that shade. I never go to Ulta so I don't have that one. I will after to check my list to see if I have that blue since it's gorgeous.

extraH said...

Thanks so much for all of the comments, ladies! I apologize for being such a horrible responder, life has just gotten in the way lately.

Both of these polishes applied very similarly and I can't say one or the other was a fave, but the color is amazing. Totally worth it for either one.

Happy polishing!

P.S. I don't know how it measures up to Bermuda Breakaway (I don't have that polish, I'm sorry I can't help!) but I do know that Essence Underwater is lighter and is way more frosty whereas these are cremes. I hope that helps!

Lizzie said...

I just picked up Thinking of Blue yesterday (SHs were on sale b1g50 at CVS) and it is absolutely gorgeous.

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