Saturday, November 20, 2010

Science be praised! - Essie Bold and Beautiful

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I got the chance to present my research recently, and for some reason I usually go with red for courage when I have to give a talk. This time I chose a lip-smacking deep red jelly - Essie Bold and Beautiful. I got this on clearance at Ulta recently, and I'm really glad I scooped it up!

(Excuse the white spot on my finger - I didn't think you wanted to see the gross cut on it, so I put on an e-bandaid!)

Bold and Beautiful worked!!! My talk went smashingly, and I got heaps of positive feedback from students and professors alike. (Science be praised!) Maybe this is my lucky presentation polish now? What I really like about this polish, in addition to that delicious jelly finish, is that the red has a touch of brown in it. Juuusssst a touch! I learned during my Hunt for Red (by) October that a hint of a brown undertone makes a red much more wearable for me - and now that I know this, it makes shopping for red polishes *miles* easier and less frustrating!

Do you have a polish you typically choose for public speaking or more formal occasions?


P.S. Bonus points for anyone who gets the reference in the title of this post! (Bonus points redeemable only for bragging rights.)

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Silva said...

Hm, brown undertones work for me, as well! I might have to consider this one...It's really pretty!

Cheryl said...

I love the red, it looks really elegant! Normally I choose a nude shade for presentations, I don't want to distract with bright fingernails, and my nails are too yellowed to go naked!

nail crazy said...

I'm glad that the polish helped :-)
Love this red!

Sheilah said...

That's a really lovely red polish. I tend to want a bit of brown in my red's as well or they just look awful on my skin. Fonzie be praised!!!

Geo58 said...

I love this shade on you, your nails are always so beautiful and amazing.

In the Sean Connery movie, "Hunt for Red October," the Russians (from USSR) were planning to defect and give the Americans a Russian Submarine by making it appear that the remaining Russians were killed and the captured USSR crew survived.

So, your comment on this polish must have something to do with The Jelly Red Polish of "Bold and Beautiful," that brown polishes match your skin tone, and any nail polish you wear, whichever "red" color you choose, (or similar reddish, burgundy, brown colors,) as long as it has any brown in the color, you can match your skin tone and wear it beautifully.

Mc Huggs :)

kittytokaren said...

@Silva - I would say go for it! Reds with blue undertones look too flashy one me. This worked beautifully.

@Cheryl - For this particular presentation it was dark and I was far away from the audience so I felt pretty confident that no one but me would have any clue what colour my nails were! My "people will see my hands" presentation go-to colour is Essie Jazz!

@nail crazy - Me too! I think its my new lucky polish! And thank you :)

@Sheilah - Same with me - blue reds pop too much against my skin! Hehe close on the reference.....also a cartoon!

@Geo58 - Awww thank you!!! And about the Hunt for Red (by) October was most definitely a HfRC reference, Russian defectors included! Spot on my friend! But you're definitely thinking way too high brow for the title ref of this post!! Hehe I am way more gutter than that today :P


Geo58 said...

Hi kitten 2 Karen-I would never think about the "g_tter and you," LOL...especially how your nails are always so gorgeous looking. I love your web blog and how good you are to your fans. and your very welcome for the compliments because your nails do look amazing and with so much dazzle especially with this color polish. Nameste.

All The Cool Kids said...

South Park :)

Great color!

kittytokaren said...

@Geo58 - Hehe I don't know if my nails ever 'dazzle' but sometimes they can look pretty neat and make me happy!

@All the Cool Kids - Ding ding ding ding! We have a winner! :)


Jenny$1983 said...

Science be praised say the otters, who have no need of tables when they have perfectly good tummies to eat off! :D

This polish is beyond gorgeous on you :)

Lucy said...

Ahhh, you protected us from your boo boo! Glad your talk went well. It's a beautiful shade of red.

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