Friday, December 31, 2010

China Glaze Grape Crush: there's nothing I like better than an HTF that cost me a couple of bucks!

About half a year ago, I stopped in a random dusty while waiting for a Hawaiian barbecue takeout order. I walked out with China Glaze Grape Crush. For free. (Well, I bought a couple of other polishes which came to $12 total and the woman who owned the shop didn't feel right about selling me a two-thirds full old nail polish... so she threw it in. :D) It's so true: HTF lemmings do find you eventually, without having to resort to eBay scalpers!

China Glaze Grape Crush

Metallicky purple shimmer dotted with holo glitter. A little bit gritty but gorgeous in the sunlight. Three coats.

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Cherry Pullinger said...

That's a really cute colour :)

Lindsay M. B. said...

Wow! So beautiful! You're so lucky that you got it!


Linnie said...

Really nice color!!

Anonymous said...

That has been my number one lemming for a few years now! It's SUPER HTF!!!

Kajalpennan said...

An amazing color

Lucy said...

That was a really nice thing for that lady to do. Nice to get something you've wanted so badly. It's a gorgeous shimmery purple.

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