Thursday, December 30, 2010

Franken - Flare

Sometimes, you need a little glitter.

This is a lovely little mix that I made using all of the warm tones of the Martha Stewart glitters. I wanted to my fingers to look like they were on fire -

Eh, it didn't really work. This is over two coats of Orly Luxe, so the glitter is actually quite sparse; I wanted WOW and I got MEH. Oh well, there's always next time, right?

Happy day, all!

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Anonymous said...

Wow this will be perfect for New Year's! Very festive!

Silva said...

It's still very nice ;) Great for New Year's eve!

cathryn said...

this is cute (=

Eliza Ward said...

It looks WOW in the photos at least! :)

Lucy said...

Looks gorgeous layered. You'll have to try again. I have to pick up some of the Martha Stewart glitters. Glad they don't lose color when used.

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