Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Color Club Enchanted Holiday mini set, Part II of II: Magic Elf & Snowflakes

The rest of the Color Club Enchanted Holiday mini set...

Color Club Snowflakes over Revlon Powder Puff

This was going to be sheer so I layered it over a soft white. Pretty iridescent glitter in a slightly cloudy base; leans towards looking pinker (as on the nail) than bluer (as in the bottle). Two coats.

Color Club Magic Elf

Saved the best for last. AWESOME grass green foil with strong gold shimmer. So bright! So sparkly! Two coats, could've used three (though the VNL wasn't as obvious IRL as it is in the photo).

Thanks to those who commented on my post about my grandfather. I hope to respond to everyone soon. The internet's really spotty in my mother's place in Taipei: the only place where I can access wifi is on floor in the middle of one of the bedrooms, as I am stealing someone else's signal. Why? Because my mother doesn't know her wifi password. She didn't know her wifi had a password. (Actually, she didn't know the name of her network either. My uncle set everything up for her so she has no idea how anything computer-related works.)

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cathryn said...

i thought you had china glaze's frosty underneath at first! i looooove the soft white with the sparkles. i would wear this proudly hehe

Lucy said...

Very pretty polishes. I wish I had a large bottle of Magic Elf! I'll have to remember to layer Snowflakes over white. Looks marvelous. I hope your Grandfather is comfortable as can be. God bless him. Take care.

SOFIA said...


Zara said...

Ooh, I love Snowflakes over Powder Puff!

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