Monday, December 27, 2010

Color Club Enchanted Holiday mini set, Part I of II: Enchanted Holiday & Wishlist Red

I love Color Club mini sets: unlike most minis, these actually feel substantial. The bottle is nice and weighty for its size, the brush is pretty much normal, and they're a breeze to apply. Even though I feel no affinity to Christmas (which, I am aware, was a couple days ago), I was thrilled when this set unexpectedly showed up on my doorstep from the company.

Color Club Enchanted Holiday
Typical cool gold glitter in clear base. Two coats here, could have used three. Still, pretty nice for a glitter in a clear base: Color Club does these sorts of polishes so well.

Color Club Wishlist Red

This was unexpectedly beautiful. It's the same old red glitter in red jelly we've all seen a thousand and one times (usually named in reference to Dorothy's ruby slippers) but this applied extremely nicely. It was such a rich, pigmented red jelly: two coats and you can barely make out VNL.

Stay tuned for the other two polishes. :)

I did try to do some nail art with the cute stickers they included but I'm pretty incompetent so they turned out... not cute at all.

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Silva said...

Ooh, pretty colors! I love the gold.

Lucy said...

I have this set. The red is fantastic! I have about 4 other Color Club red glitters and they are all different. Love these sets.

cathryn said...

i love the gold (=

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