Sunday, December 19, 2010

Del Sol Trick or Treat (color changing!)

Wait, it's December, d'ya say? NOT October? Not EVEN November??

Well, here's a Halloween polish I wore for a few days. I love Del Sol polishes but I've heard tell of extremely bad customer service from less-than-happy customers. The color-changing is just a never-tiring novelty that I so enjoy.

Unfortunately, I wore this on a very cloudy (and drizzly) day and the color change wasn't nearly as drastic as it when it nice out. My SO looked at me like I was crazy standing outside on the balcony in knee-length house dress, no shoes and a sweatshirt, sticking my hand where sun usually hits at this time of day, staring intently at my nails... and then after awhile, running into our home office and snapping a few pics using a lightbox.

Del Sol Trick or Treat (before sun exposure)

Del Sol Trick or Treat (after sun exposure... on a very cloudy day)
Before: orange, red and gold glitter in a clear base. After: orange, red and gold glitter in a black jelly base. This photo doesn't show the color change as well because of all the clouds and running around. Love the polish, absolutely hated the application. It was smooth enough for a glitter -- it only needed one coat of Diamont to have a relatively glossy finish -- but I had to use six coats to get it anywhere close to opaque. Which it is not. Still, awesome concept.

Video of Trick or Treat
So here... we have the opposite problem: I couldn't get the video recording on my iPhone working fast enough to catch what the polish looked like before UV exposure. BUT! You can see how dark it really gets.

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Silva said...

Gorgeous! I love these kind of changing polishes, though I don't have them myself :(

Lucy said...

Love that polish. That is crazy going outside. Couldn't you just run your hand under cold water?

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