Monday, December 20, 2010

A Russian Substitute, Part 2 - OPI Unripened

In Part 1 of this little mini-series I brought you a polish that I thought resembled Chanel Feu de Russie from the Paris-Moscou Collection - OPI Tease-y Does It. (See that post here.) Now it's time for the next Russian Substitute!

Chanel Nuit de Russie was just gorgeous - a dark polish with teal shimmer. Of the three Russie polishes released, I think this was the one I most coveted. But not anymore! One of the OPI Halloween releases from this year evokes the same feeling for me - OPI Unripened. (See a comparison from the Alluring Mum here.) Both have that gorgeous teal shimmer that looks like it's submerged in a dark sea...mysterious and magical!

My pictures are really not capturing how vibrant the teal shimmer is. In reality it really pops out at you! Like it's friend Tease-y Does It!, this one is hard to photograph...

Please note, I do NOT say they are dupes. They really just give me the same vibe and are similar enough for me to stop lemming the Chanel!

In the bottle OPI Unripened flashes purple as well, but that's nearly impossible to detect on the nail. I know this was a disappointment to some people, but to me this polish is the perfect substitute for Nuit de Russie - so I'm quite pleased! Heck, I don't really like duochromes anyways!

What do you think of my Russian Substitutes? Have you had polishes that you *really* wanted that you got a substitute for?


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nail crazy said...

wow,i'd like one unripened please :-)

Varnish Vixen said...

Oooh! I'm really liking this on you. I passed this up initially, but now I'm having second thoughts! Eeek...another lemming!

Lucy said...

I'll have to look for this. Very pretty. Like many others I wanted Chanel's Jade and missed out. I did make do with the Milani. I love that shade of polish. Looked gorgeous on.

Silva said...

Gorgeous! Looks so pretty, especially in the last one.

Marina said...

I have Nuit de Russie, it's absolutely stunning! Unluckily, we don't have full OPI Goth polishes here in Russia so i can't compare (i hate mini sets for some reason)

Sia said...

Love it!!

Robyn Garza said...

The only polish I've really wanted was MAAH, but I've gotten Sparkle-icious and it's a decent glitter substitute. I'm still holding out hope...

kittytokaren said...

@nail crazy - Don't you wish it worked like that?? *sigh*

@Varnish Vixen - Why did you pass up on it before??

@Lucy - Ahhh yes the infamous Jade. I'm glad the Milani was a sub for you. It looked to be an almost exact or dead on dupe from pictures!!

@Silva - Thank you!

@Marina - Aww that's sad! But you have the real deal - Nuit de Russie! This is a full-sized one..I don't like the minis either.

@Sia - Thanks friend!!

@Robyn Garza - Keep your eyes open! Every one in a while they pop up on in people's private sales!!


alluring_mum said...

Great swatches! I'm so happy I got Unripened so I don't have to use my Chanel so often :))

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