Sunday, December 26, 2010

Nails Inc St John's Wood (oh and I'm going to Taipei today)

Nails Inc St John's Wort
This was a GREAT polish: pretty blurple creme that applied just perfectly in two coats. Dried very quickly too with Diamont. If only Nails Inc weren't so expensive in the US...

I'm leaving in a few hours for Taipei, Taiwan. It'll be a short trip for the amount of travel I'll be logging (over 30 hours in a plane coming and going for a visit that will last approximately six days) but I couldn't really get away for longer and I had to go. My 94-year-old grandfather is very ill and there's not much doctors can do for him. I haven't seen him in three years and we're not close at all but I think I'll deeply regret it if I don't see him one more time. This is not a trip I'm looking forward to; I just feel so sad.

(Also, I still hate traveling by plane. Getting better at it though. And flying across the Pacific is a long flight. Or rather, it's a long flight flying up the West Coast of the US, Canada, Alaska, across the Bering Sea, then down the coast of Russia, over Japan and the East China Sea. I think it's... faster? that way around rather than flying clear across the ocean.)

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cathryn said...

that sucks. im sorry to hear that )=
i dont want to say youre 'lucky', maybe fortunate under the circumstances? to be able to say goodbye. that will be decent closure.

my grandmother was ill but doing alright in 2005 and she suddenly died one night and i felt very guilty because i couldnt recall specifics about when i last visited her. considering the awful situation its nice to be able to say goodbye and get that much needed closure. im sorry youre ending the year like this )=

goodluck with the air travel, not a fan either.

Ice Queen said...

I am sorry about your grandfather. I hope that your visit brings you peace and acceptance.

Travel safe.

Karla said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your grandfather. In February 2002 my 38 year old sister died unexpectedly. I lived 6 hours away from her and her family - suddenly my family gatherings at Thanksgiving were that much more important as November 2005 was the last time I saw her.

Give your grandfather a kiss from all of us at PoP. Hugs to you.

Lucy said...

What an awful situation. Sor sorry to hear your bad news. Good idea to say goodbye. Be safe.

Silva said...

I'm so sorry to hear that; I hope you feel better soon.

Stephanie said...

I'm sorry about your grandfather. I hope you have a very safe trip.

splattergirl said...

who wrote this article? I can't see where it stands :/
anyways, I am sorry for your grandfather even if you never saw much of him - I never saw one of mine and all the others died when I was still underage :(

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