Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Milani Silver Dazzle and Gold Glitz (One Coat Glitters)

These are some of the best monochromatic-but-multihued glitters ever. If you see them -- and if you're fans of glitter -- BUY THEM.

Milani Gold Glitz

OK. Calling them "One-Coat Glitters" may slightly overstate the case. But they're perfectly opaque in two coats. And I love that this is not just a single hue of gold either: it's gold and orange, which gives it such an interesting look. This has been on my toes for two weeks and nary a chip. Pretty awesome.

Close-up of Gold Glitz

Milani Silver Dazzle

This is a gorgeous combination of silver and black glitter. A little harder to apply though: you have to wait (a minimal amount of time) for one layer to dry before attempting to put on the next. You can see some cuticle drag on one or two of my fingers here.

Close-up of Silver Dazzle

Drugstore polishes are really stepping up their game in the last year or so. Or maybe I just got over my snobbishness and started paying attention to the good ones.

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Jackie S. said...

I have silver dazzle and I LOVE it! Great pics!:)

cathryn said...

oh these are beautiful.. i want the brownish one xD

Lucy said...

I hope to find these soon. Haven't been able to yet. They are really lovely. That silver is really gorgeous. I like the mix of colors.

tata said...

Hello, beautiful enamels, I wonder whether you would be interested in doing an exchange of glaze, if you want to send an email to, and subject type nail.

nail crazy said...

silver polish is just breathtaking :-)

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