Thursday, January 13, 2011

NARS Pokerface

NARS Pokerface

Lovely color (warm pink-leaning lavender with subtle-but-not-hidden white shimmer), great polish (two coats, applies quickly and smoothly)... hate it on my nails though. (The bubbles don't help.) It looks alright in these photos but in real life, it looks pretty washed out on my hands.

Closeup of Pokerface
Just ignore the craters. It's a pretty polish. I just wished I liked it better.

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jaljen said...

That's the trouble. It's pretty. When you get hard-core about nail polish then pretty alone simply won't do.

Rachel said...

I got this as Christmas present from my sister. I completely agree with this post too; I love the color, but not on me.

Lucy said...

Lovely shade! I have a few Nars polishes but not this beauty.

flinty said...

@jaljen: absolutely. When you have... far too many... you don't need one more "eh" one.

@rachel: I wonder who it would look good on. People with lighter or darker skin in either direction of mine, probably.

@lucy: I'm not so sure it's NARS' best but it probably suits other people a lot better than it suits me.

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